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January 1st
Noah Sierota - Echosmith

January 6th

January 9th
AJ McLean - Backstreet Boys
Ashley Argota - The Fosters
Nina Dobrev

January 11th
Cody Simpson

January 12th
Ella Henderson
Zayn Malik

January 13th
Liam Hemsworth

January 14th
Dan Schneider

January 15th
Dove Cameron

January 18th
Karan Brar

January 19th
Cam Adler - Tonight Alive
Logan Lerman

January 21st
Booboo Stewart
Toby McDonough - Before You Exit

January 22nd
Ricky Garcia - Forever In Your Mind

January 23rd
Rachel Crow

January 24th
Dylan Riley Snyder

January 25th
Alicia Keys
Robert Ochoa

January 28th
Ariel Winter
Calum Worthy
Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys
Sammi Sanchez

January 31st
Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry earns 3 RIAA Diamond song awards, LA Times says Big Festivals aren’t drawing, Coveteur talks to Peyton List about Disney double standard, Jennifer McGill from The All-New Mickey Mouse Club to release new album, KiraGrace teams up with Off The Mat Into the World to introduce their new Summer 17 Color Your World capsule collection

June 25th, 2017

So… I guess Katy Perry is chanting to Taylor Swift to look at the Scoreboard. The RIAA has announced that her song Roar has earned a Diamond certification surpassing the 10-million threshold counting song sales and streams in the United States. With the new certification of Roar, which follows previously Diamond-certified songs Dark Horse and Firework, Katy becomes the first artist in RIAA Gold & Platinum Program history to earn three RIAA Diamond Song Awards.

Is Bigger really better? The LA Times takes a look at music super festivals and how promoters are now more likely to book smaller events that are customized for a specific audience. To make their case they take a look at the disappearance of the Rock in Rio USA, Fyre Festival, Desert Trip and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Coveteur has a new interview with Peyton List. In it, the actress talks about the Disney double standard, skin issues, and her biggest beauty mistake.

Two decades after her wildly successful Disney Channel series The All-New Mickey Mouse Club came to an end, Jennifer McGill is stepping back into the spotlight with her upcoming debut full-length solo album, Unbreakable – to be released in August.

FoxNews.com is hosting an exclusive first interview and world premiere of the new music video for the album’s title track.

KiraGrace is teaming up with Off The Mat, Into the World to introduce their new Summer 17 Color Your World capsule collection. The California based yoga apparel brand with celebrity fans including Kate Upton and Victoria Justice has joined forces with the yoga non-profit organization to give back and support the idea of bridging yoga and activism.

6am CST – Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban (Freeform)
Teenage wizard Harry Potter discovers that an escaped convict who knew his parents is coming to confront him.

9:10am CST – Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire (Freeform)
In the fourth installment of the series, a surprised Harry is chosen as Hogwarts’ representative in the incredibly challenging Triwizard Tournament, in which he must survive “three extremely dangerous tasks.” Besides dealing with dragons and romance, Harry has an encounter with death and a pulse-pounding sorcerers’ duel with the dark and wicked Lord Voldemort.

10am CST – Spy Kids 3: Game Over (TMC)
An evil computer programmer traps Carmen, a sassy junior spy, in a video game.

11am CST – Cars (Disney XD)
A cocky hot rod gets stranded in a desert town en route to a big race, and gets a long-overdue lesson in humility. With the help of the town’s quirky car population, he learns that sometimes life is more about the voyage than the outcome of the race.

11am CST – Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters (Syfy)
Demigod Percy Jackson and his friends must find the fabled Golden Fleece by undertaking a dangerous journey into the Sea of Monsters, where they face a zombie army, terrifying mythical creatures and a great evil.

12:50pm CST – Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince (Freeform)
Harry Potter enters his sixth year at Hogwarts, while Lord Voldemort prepares his followers for a battle intended to kill Harry and eradicate all non-pure-blooded wizards. Harry’s only chance at survival rests in the hands of Dumbledore, who leads him on a perilous journey into the memories of Voldemort’s childhood so that he may understand the enemy he is destined to fight.

1:30pm CST – Cars 2 (Disney XD)
While superstar race car Lightning McQueen prepares to compete in the World Grand Prix, his best friend Mater accidentally becomes involved in international espionage. The whole crew must work together to rescue Mater, stop the bad guys and win the big race.

2pm CST – Freedom Writers (MTV)
A fact-based story about an idealistic teacher at a tough high school in California who tries to inspire her troubled students through journal writing.

3:30pm CST – Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (TBS)
Accident-prone teenager Percy discovers he’s actually a demigod, the son of Poseidon, and he must master his newfound skills and find Zeus’ stolen lightning in order to prevent a war between the Greek gods that could devastate the entire world.

4:30pm CST – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (Freeform)
Harry Potter and his friends embark on a dangerous mission to find and destroy the magical artifacts that allow Voldemort to maintain his immortality, while Voldemort’s followers continue to take over the wizard community.

5:10pm CST – Toy Story 3 (Disney Channel)
When Andy leaves for college, Woody, Buzz and the rest of his toys end up in a day-care center. There, the gang plots a daring escape with the help of some new friends. But some of the toys aren’t quite what they seem.

7pm CST – Despicable Me (NBC)
An elite supervillain tries to steal the moon from the sky using his vast weaponry and an army of minions, but his evil machinations are undermined by three orphaned girls who see him as a father figure, despite his diabolical intentions.

8pm CST – Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (Freeform)
War rages as Harry Potter attempts to destroy the last remaining pieces of Voldemort’s soul and defeat the villain once and for all. In the process, however, Harry may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Austin Mahone
Hawthorne Theatre
Portland, OR

The Chainsmokers
Belfast, UK

Bottom Lounge
Chicago, IL

Chucky Klapow on the importance of who you surround yourself with, Olivia Holt on Today, Sabrina Carpenter on the Late Late Show, Tinashe visits KIIS FM, Lights reveals new project, Help Drew Seeley and Amy Paffrath raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Peyton List wears Junk Food

April 19th, 2017

Quote of the Day:

I truly believe that you’re only as good as the team you surround yourself by.

Chucky Klapow

In case you missed it, you can catch a replay of Olivia Holt’s performance of History on the Today Show. Watch it on online at Today.com.

While you’re in the mood for great music on TV. You’ll also want to check out Sabrina Carpenter’s performance of Thumbs on The Late Late Show with James Corden on CBS.com.

Tinashe has been making the rounds to radio to promote her new single, Flame. Monday night, she paid a visit to 102.7 KIIS FM to visit with Jojo Wright.

Lights has revealed the details of her next project, Skin & Earth – an album and comic book series written and illustrated in full by Lights. The digital intro issue will be released in May, with the first print issue – Skin & Earth #1 – on sale July 12 via Dynamite Entertainment. The monthly comic book series will kick off just before Comic-Con International, with new music accompanying each issue and leading into the Fall 2017 release of Skin & Earth, Lights’ next full-length studio album on Warner Bros. Records. Check out the teaser for Skin & Earth on YouTube.

In two weeks, Drew Seeley and his wife Amy Paffrath will be heading to Nashville, TN to run the Rock N Roll half marathon to raise some life-changing money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. You can help them exceed their goal at their personal fundraising page.

Peyton List attended the Rebecca Minkoff and Smashbox Lunch in Palm Springs looking festival ready in Junk Food’s Def Leppard Tee.

6:30pm CST – The Proposal (Freeform)
A marriage proposal is not what it seems.

7pm CST – Home Alone (CMT)
A mischievous 8-year-old who’s picked on by his older siblings and ignored by his parents would really rather be left alone—and that’s exactly what happens when he gets accidentally left behind in a frenzied rush to the airport for a family vacation in Paris over the holiday season. After learning to fend for himself, the boy has to protect his house against two bumbling burglars who are planning to rob it.

Bruno Mars
O2 Arena
London, UK

The Chainsmokers
Webster Bank Arena
Bridgeport, CT

Young Entertainer Awards, Tinashe to sing at WrestleMania, Savvy and Mandy release new single, Peyton List in Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, Travis Scott Temp Shop at SXSW

March 19th, 2017

Today is the day! Teen stars will begin walking the red carpet at 11:30am CST for the 2nd Annual Young Entertainer Awards and the Award Presentation begins at 1:30pm CST. Confirmed guests include:

Asia MonetDance Moms
Jeremy MaguireModern Family
Josette HalpertThe Other Kingdom
Lulu LambrosStuck in the Middle
Paris SmithEvery Witch Way
Rio ManginiBella and The Bulldogs
Sean Ryan FoxHenry Danger
Siena AgudongNicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn
Stephanie Katherine GrantThe Goldbergs

You can watch the red carpet live via Facebook and the Awards on YouTube.

Tinashe is everywhere! The singer just announced she’ll be signing America The Beautiful at WrestleMania on April 2nd in Orlando, FL.

Today, Savvy & Mandy will be releasing a new single, Do You Lie Awake At Night.

The Huffington Post has the latest on Cameron Monaghan and Peyton List starring in the film, Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet.

Yesterday, Travis Scott surprised his fans at SXSW with a birds eye view Temp Shop with exclusive new merchandise. The limited-edition collection is presented in partnership with Bravado, Universal Music’s industry leading merchandise company. The Travis Scott Bird’s Eye View tour kicks off April 12th.

8:10am CST – How to Train Your Dragon (Freeform)
A misfit Viking teen befriends a dragon, despite his tribe’s tradition of dragon slaying, in this adaptation of the children’s fantasy book by Cressida Cowell.

10am CST – Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb (TBS)
Larry and his historical friends take a trip to London to save the magic that brings the museum to life.

2:30pm CST – The Goonies (CMT)
Kids find a treasure map and go searching for pirate’s booty in a subterranean cavern, but they run into a band of outlaws and their ringleader, whose soft-hearted son comes to the kids’ rescue.

4:40pm CST – Spicdable Me (Freeform)
An elite supervillain tries to steal the moon from the sky using his vast weaponry and an army of minions, but his evil machinations are undermined by three orphaned girls who see him as a father figure, despite his diabolical intentions.

6:45pm CST – Wreck It Ralph (Freeform)
A video-game villain attempts to change his image by participating in a first-person-shooter game, but in the process, he wreaks havoc in his virtual universe by freeing an evildoer who can only be defeated with the help of an unlikely ally.

7pm CST – Once Upon a Time: Ill-Boding Patterns (ABC)
Gideon resumes his mission to kill Emma, so Gold takes steps to protect Gideon from the taint of dark magic. Meanwhile, Robin forms a questionable alliance; Emma learns Hook’s been keeping a secret; and in a flashback, Beowulf goes after Rumplestiltskin.

8pm CST – Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Disney XD)
An 11-year-old boy has a miserable day in which he becomes a social pariah. Meanwhile, the rest of his family deal with their own calamities—mom is late for work and dad bungles a job interview, while his sister fights a poorly timed cold and his brother has an ugly pimple.

8:50pm CST – Wall E (Freeform)
Oscar-winning CGI-animated delight, set on a wasteland Earth circa 2800, where the last robot on the planet, a centuries-old trash compactor named WALL-E, romances a sleek, high-tech android.

The Complex
Salt Lake City, UT

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