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January 1st
Noah Sierota - Echosmith

January 6th

January 9th
AJ McLean - Backstreet Boys
Ashley Argota - The Fosters
Nina Dobrev

January 11th
Cody Simpson

January 12th
Ella Henderson
Zayn Malik

January 13th
Liam Hemsworth

January 14th
Dan Schneider

January 15th
Dove Cameron

January 18th
Karan Brar

January 19th
Cam Adler - Tonight Alive
Logan Lerman

January 21st
Booboo Stewart
Toby McDonough - Before You Exit

January 22nd
Ricky Garcia - Forever In Your Mind

January 23rd
Rachel Crow

January 24th
Dylan Riley Snyder

January 25th
Alicia Keys
Robert Ochoa

January 28th
Ariel Winter
Calum Worthy
Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys
Sammi Sanchez

January 31st
Justin Timberlake

Max Charles

May 11th, 2012

Tommy2: What’s up, it’s Tommy2 and today we’re being joined by a young up and coming actor by the name of Max Charles who plays the role of Peeser in The Three Stooges. So Max – how are you doing?

Max Charles: Good how are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing good! Got a little scratch in my voice, getting over a little cold but we’ll move on through it. Now, as I mentioned – right now you’re latest project, The Three Stooges is in theaters. Obviously, that’s a classic comedy but why don’t you give us some of the details about the story.

Max Charles: Well, it was really fun making it. I mean, those guys are insanely funny and they’re really great guys. I mean like their acting is like really, like dead on, on it. They’re amazing actors.

Tommy2: Now the way that you’re describing those guys in the film it seems like you got to see some things that were just amazing to watch, like there was almost as much fun off screen as on screen, huh?

Max Charles: Yes! Because the like came off set and they also like to joke around off set and it was insanely funny.

Tommy2: And where does your character Peeser fit in the film?

Max Charles: Well, I was an orphan and he kind of like encourages the Three Stooges to like gain money to help the orphanage.

Tommy2: Now, before you began work on the film did you watch any of the original TV episodes to get any inspiration?

Max Charles: Yes, my grandma and grandpa bought me an old fashioned Three Stooges. It was really funny.

Tommy2: And in the film, were there any favorite or special scenes you enjoyed being in?

Max Charles: Well, I like the scene where they go into the hospital and they see all the babies, and they start having a peeing war, and they hold up all the babies and start peeing on each other.

Tommy2: And did you have a favorite actor or actress that you enjoyed working the most with?

Max Charles: Well, I liked Curly. He taught me how to do a really cool trick, a hand trick. I’m not sure if you can hear it that well, but I’ll do it.

Tommy2: Yes! I recognize that. You’ve accomplished it well. Okay, and now lets get to how you got in the business. I’ll bet it had a lot to do with your family, since you’ve got some very talented brothers as well. Why don’t share about them and they influence they’ve had on you?

Max Charles: Yeah, well you know it all started with my brother. My older brother was shooting singing, and there was a casting agent who called into an audition. And they called him in and we’re like “No… no, we don’t want to do that.” And then later on we’re like, “Okay we’ll do it.” So, we went out there and my Mom took me and my older brother and I’m like “Mom can I please go in that room I really want to.” And then all of a sudden she let me in and I wound up working the role. And, I said to my old school, “Okay everybody I’m going to be back in three weeks. So, don’t be worried that I’m going to be gone. It’s just three weeks. I’m going to become a movie star whilen I’m gone.” And I never came back.

Tommy2: Oh, that’s amazing. Now were you talking about your brother Logan there right?

Max Charles: Yes!

Tommy2: Now I’ve seen your brother Logan on TV singing several times, do you have any desire to go in that direction?

Max Charles: Yes, he used to do a tour. It’s called iShine and he used to do that tour and they actually let me on stage to a song with him once.

Tommy2: And with that song that you got a chance to sing on stage, what song was that?

Max Charles: It was called Boomin’ and I got to sing it with my brother. And it was so amazing singing on stage with my brother and rocking out with him. It was like 100 percent amazing and I loved it!

Tommy2: If you remember it, would you mind singing a few seconds that so we can hear what that song sounded like?

Max Charles: Yeah, sure! I’m actually with my older brother right now so we can, we can go sing it right now.

Tommy2: Hey we got a duet!

Max and Logan Charles: (Singing Boomin’)

Tommy2: Alright man, I was not expecting that! You guys totally floored me.

Logan Charles: Haha, that’s good!

Tommy2: Now with that iShine Tour with several of Logan’s performances I know that the emcee for many of those shows was Jamie Grace who’s gone on to have huge success in this last year. Has that been interesting for you and your family to see her blow up as a Grammy nominated singer?

Max Charles: Yeah, it really is.

Tommy2: Now getting back to your acting. You’ve been booked for a ton of new projects, including Peter Park at age 7 in the Amazing Spider-Man? That is amazing, is there anything you can tell us about working on the film or about the cast?

Max Charles: It was great, but I’m not allowed to tell you what I did in it. But, it was amazing working on it and Andrew Garfield, he was so nice. I got to sit off stage and talk to him and it was awesome.

Tommy2: When you auditioned for that role, did you want that one more just because of the classic role Spider-Man has in history… especially with boys?

Max Charles: Yes! When I was two I actually, my mom actually dressed me up as Spider-Man for Halloween and I never knew that I was going to be an actor, or be Spider-Man when I grew up. It was like my dream to be Spiderman, we used to get these Spider-Man costumes and put tons of like foam stuff on the arm. Like hook them on to the arm, put the foam stuff on them and then you press the button and it starts spraying everywhere, and it was like my dream to be Spiderman.

Tommy2: So what you’re saying is, you weren’t just like a little bit of a fan of Spider-Man, but you’ve been a fan of Spider-Man your whole life.

Max Charles: Yes, I’ve actually been a Spider-Man actually my whole life and I just think Spider-Man is amazing.

Tommy2: Now also in this last year you’re were also on the Disney Channel show Jessie. Tell us about that episode you were in and how much fun you had working on that?

Max Charles: Well, it was really fun. I got to meet tons of different people. It was fun because I got to do a little sassy kid and a mean kid. And, I’m like hogging the slide on it and it was so fun working on that. My mom’s like, “You’re not bringing home that attitude with you.”

Tommy2: (Laughter) You did it to well. She was scared!

Max Charles: Yeah, she was really scared. She’s like “You are not bringing that attitude with you. Okay, mister. Okay?”

Tommy2: Cool, alright. Well Max, thanks so much for joining us today and we’ll be looking forward to your upcoming projects.

Max Charles: Oh thanks for having me.

Spencer Boldman gives The Avengers a thumbs up, Red Carpet arrivals at The Avengers, Taylor Swift working on new album, Carly Rae Jepsen and Midnight Red will be performing at the 5 Towers concert venue at Universal CityWalk, Megan and Liz stay at the top of Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star contest, Jamie Grace meets up with Joanne Cash, Hot Chelle Rae getting lots of spins on Radio Disney, Jonnie and Brookie giving away Daisy Rock Guitar, Flashback Photo of T-Squad featuring Booboo Stewart, iShine announces casting call, The HUB celebrating Friday the 13 the spooky programming

April 12th, 2012

Quote of the Day:

The Avengers was one of the coolest movies I’ve seen in a while.

Spencer Boldman
Lab Rats

Last night, The Avengers premiered at the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, CA! The Red Carpet featured several of our favorites, including: Bella Thorne (Shake It Up), Billy Unger (Lab Rats), Cherri Bomb, Debby Ryan (Jessie), Kat Graham (Vampire DiariesKelli Berglund (Lab Rats), Renee Olstead (The Secret Life), Roshon Fegan (Shake It Up), and Spencer Boldman (Lab Rats). You can view Marvel’s two-hour special on the red carpet including the cast introduction and Maximo TV’s arrival clips on YouTube.

Taylor Swift fans have something to get excited about. Yesterday, she tweeted “Recording the next album. So happy.”

Free show! This Saturday, Carly Rae Jepsen and Midnight Red will be performing at the 5 Towers concert venue at Universal CityWalk. This performance marks Jepsen’s first debut concert and will feature her infectious hit single, Call Me Maybe. The first 400 customers to purchase the single on site will receive a wristband for a CD signing following the performance.

The Battle continues on! Day 3 saw Megan & Liz finish at the top of Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star contest. It’s still a tight race though as the twins dropped down to 2nd in the evening, only to surge back the next hour to #1. Support your favorite acts by voting now at Macys.iHeart.com/Macys/.

Yesterday, Jamie Grace met up with Joanne Cash, the sister of her all time favorite performer Johnny Cash. Did you know that her song Come To Me (lyric video) was inspired by Johnny and Joanne? The two hit it off quite well, in fact Jamie said “possibly the sweetest lady I’ve ever met. She also said she adopted me… ok cool.

Earlier this week, Radio Disney added Hot Chelle Rae‘s new single Honestly to their playlist. At this point it’s on track to be inside the Top 15 songs played this week. (source: MediaBase)

Want to win a cool Daisy Rock Guitar? Jonnie & Brookie are giving away a Daisy Rock Wildwood Artist Acoustic-Electric Guitar / Pink Burst via Facebook. Head on over to YouTube to get all of the details on how to register. It runs now through April 30th. You can enter every day so get going!

Christian entertainment brand iShine has announced an open casting call for boys and girls, ages 10-16, for singing, dancing and acting opportunities. iShine is looking for new talent for iShine Records, iShine LIVE! Tour events and Season 4 of the Saturday morning television series, iShine KNECT, which airs nationwide on TBN and Smile of a Child Network.

To schedule an audition on April 20th between 10am-4pm send an email to info@ishinelive.com. Auditions will be held at PRIMA Performance Studio, 216 Noah Drive, Franklin, TN 37064. Please wear comfortable – dancing, performance or acting attire. Please bring a bio and head shot to your audition.

Tomorrow is the day! The HUB will be celebrating Friday the 13th with 13 spooky episodes of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour and Goosebumps, and a special encore of all five episodes of Clue shown for the first time as a movie. The nine hour marathon runs from 8pm to 5am CST.

7pm CST – American Idol: 1 Voted Off (FOX)
The finalists face elimination; Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo and Rick Ross perform; James Durbin performs.

7:30pm CST – 16 Wishes (Disney Channel)
The wishes of a teenager magically come true on her 16th birthday.

7:30pm CST – A Walk To Remember (ABC Family)
Forced to tutor students at a school, a young delinquent falls for a minister’s daughter. Starring Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah, Lauren German.

In Concert Tomorrow:

The All-American Rejects and Rocket To The Moon
Atlantic City, NJ

Demi Lovato
Figali Convention Center
Panama City, Panama

The Fresh Beat Band
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre
Atlanta, GA

Hot Chelle Rae and Action Item
Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA

Happy Birthday Eric Secariah, Allstar Weekend feature at OregonMusicNews.com, Girls Night Out with Selena Gomez and David Beckham, Mitchel Musso releases Replaceable on iTunes, Before You Exit on Buzzworthy, Talking Tech covers the NAMM show, iShine KNECT TV kicks of season 3, Real Steel Boxer Bot Profiles

January 21st, 2012

Happy Birthday to Eric Secharia of Midnight Red!

OregonMusicNews.com has a nice feature about Allstar Weekend‘s 2012 Tour. It includes a new interview with Cameron Quiseng who goes in-depth about the songs on All The Way and more!

Girls just wanna have fun! Shelley Buckner (Summerland), Ashley Tisdale and Samantha Droke pose with Selena Gomez last night before her UNICEF Concert at the House of Blues. And if the performance wasn’t exciting enough for the trio, they could always take a glance at David Beckham who was sitting right in front of them.

Yesterday, Mitchel Musso‘s new song, Replaceable, show up on iTunes. Here’s the link to preview and purchase it!

Mainstream Top 40 – MediaBase 24/7

6. Selena Gomez – Love You Like A Love Song
10. Gym Class Heroes f/ Adam Levine – Stereo Hearts
17. Cobra Starship f/ Sabi – You Make Me Feel…
18. Hot Chelle Rae f/ New Boyz – I Like It Like That
27. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
28. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill Me)
31. Big Time Rush – Music Sounds Better With U
34. JoJo – Disaster
35. We The Kings – Say You Like Me
37. Colbie Caillat – Brighter Than The Sun

Before You Exit have released and acoustic performance of their single, End Of The World, on MTV Buzzworthy. The track will be on their upcoming album produced by Dan Book and Alexei Misoul (Hot Chelle Rae), Bobby Huff and Robert Ellis Orall (Taylor Swift).

For those of us that couldn’t make it, USA Today’s Talking Tech gives a nice overview of some of the fun toys at the NAMM show. Most interesting is there suggestion that the “iPhone and iPad are practically required tools in the musician’s arsenal.” Something those of you considering an Android might want to take note of. Check out the video that includes a look at some cool new gear and even guitars that shoot fire!

Today at twelve noon central, iShine will kick off the third season of KNECT TV on TBN!

Noisy Boy is a former league bot. When he started losing fights, he was exiled to doing boxing exhibitions in South America and Asia. He’s now back, but he’s no longer league caliber, so he’s fighting in underworld venues.

7am CST – The Princess Diaries (ABC Family)

7am CST – The Wannabes: Tough Cookies (Starz Kids & Family)
The Wannabes thinks quitting school will expedite their rise to stardom. Mr. Moody teaches them that an education is more important than fly-by-night fame and money.

9am CST – Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge (Disney Channel)

9:30am CST – Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge (Disney Channel)

9:30am CST – The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement (ABC Family)

12pm CST – Coyote Ugly (ABC Family)

12pm CST – iShine: KNECT TV (TBS)

1pm CST – Music Mailbag (Radio Disney)
Featuring the song, Stronger, by Kelly Clarkson.

1pm CST – Red Bull Signature Series: Crashed Ice World Championships (NBC)
A combination of ice hockey, downhill skating and boarder-cross, the downhill world championship brings the toughest, fastest racers from around the world. From Saint Paul, MN.

3:30pm CST – Winter Dew Tour: Pantech Invitational (NBC)
Part 1 from Killington, VT.

4:30pm CST – A Walk To Remember (ABC Family)

7pm CST – iCarly: iToe Fat Cakes (Nickelodeon)
Carly gets her toe stuck in the bathtub; Sam and the gang are trapped in Canada when Sam is caught trying to smuggle Fat Cakes over the border.

7pm CST – The Notebook (ABC Family)

8pm CST – Supah Ninjas: Ninja Intervention (Nickelodeon)
Grandfather thinks the gang has forgotten the true meaning of being ninjas and stages an intervention for Mike, Owen and Amanda.

In Concert Tomorrow:

Allstar Weekend, Hollywood Ending, The After Party and Before You Exit
Hawthorne Theater
Portland, OR

Dia Frampton with Blake Shelton
Brick Breeden Fieldhouse
Bozeman, MT

Plug In Stereo, The Scene Aesthetic, and Romance On A Rocketship
The Loft
Poughkeepsie, NY

The Summer Set, The Cab, He Is We, Days Difference and Paradise Fears
Atlanta, GA

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