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January 1st
Noah Sierota - Echosmith

January 6th

January 9th
AJ McLean - Backstreet Boys
Ashley Argota - The Fosters
Nina Dobrev

January 10th
Lewi Morgan - Rixton

January 11th
Cody Simpson

January 12th
Ella Henderson
Zayn Malik

January 13th
Liam Hemsworth

January 14th
Dan Schneider

January 15th
Dove Cameron

January 18th
Karan Brar

January 19th
Cam Adler - Tonight Alive
Erin Sanders
Logan Lerman

January 21st
Booboo Stewart - Descednants
Toby McDonough - Before You Exit

January 22nd
Ricky Garcia - Forever In Your Mind

January 23rd
Rachel Crow

January 24th
Dylan Riley Snyder

January 25th
Alicia Keys
Calum Hood - 5 Seconds Of Summer
Robert Ochoa

January 28th
Ariel Winter
Calum Worthy
Nick Carter - Backstreet Boys
Sammi Sanchez

January 31st
Justin Timberlake

Olivia Holt’s History surpasses 30 million streams on Spotify, Demi Lovato promotes upcoming Smurfs movie, MTV flashback with Alyson Stoner, Temecula Road records segments for Mega Country, Nicky Blitz single in promos for The Voice, Olivia Culpo launches Spring ’17 campaign for Rampage

February 22nd, 2017

Olivia Holt’s single, History has surpassed over 30 million streams on Spotify.

It’s coming soon! Demi Lovato shows off a new promo photo for Smurfs: The Lost Village coming this April.

MTV News continues to show lots of love to former Disney Channel stars. This time, it’s Alyson Stoner and Kevin Schmidt who both starred in Cheaper By The Dozen.

Yesterday, Temecula Road taped some performance segments at Mega Country. To date, the site has been a strong supporter of the trio.

On Friday, recent Artists Partners/Atlantic Records signee, Nicky Blitz released his brand new single Dynamite. Currently the song is being featured in promos for NBC’s The Voice.

It’s been a major 2017 for fashion and beauty influencer Olivia Culpo, from celebrating boyfriend and New England Patriot’s player Danny Amendola’s Super Bowl win to hosting Amazon’s StyleCode Live and sitting front row at NYFW shows.

Yesterday, she released her spring ’17 campaign for Rampage! The campaign was shot by legendary fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth at an art deco-style home in the hills of Los Angeles.

The full collection includes denim, outerwear, legwear, intimates, footwear, handbags, watches, jewelry, eyewear, cold weather accessories, fashion accessories and home. Culpo’s looks from the campaign can be found at Rampage.com and better department stores around the country such as Belk and Macy’s.

7pm CST – The Goldbergs: So Swayze It’s Crazy (ABC)
Beverly is on a mission to transform Adam into a teenage heartthrob after a local kid talent agent insists he’s only right for nerd roles. Meanwhile, Barry decides to go punk and Murray attempts to become more involved in Erica’s life, but it backfires.

7pm CST – Legally Blonde (WE)
Ditzy blonde decides to attend Harvard Law School when her snobby boyfriend dumps her for a more “appropriate” woman. Despite her penchant for malls, makeup, and tanning, she shows the elite Ivy League set a thing or two about class and self-confidence.

7pm CST – Ride: Distractions & Deceptions (Nickelodeon)
Elaine unearths a treasure map, leading to more information about Kit’s mother. Meanwhile, the competitive Nav attempts to hide a knee injury.

Ariana Grande, Little Mix, and Victoria Monet
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY

The Chainsmokers
Manchester Academy
Manchester, UK

New interview with Carmen Justice, New Releases – Nash Overstreet, Sophia Carson, Samantha LaPorta, Tally, Forever In Your Mind live video for Compass, Alyson Stoner and Max cover Backstreet Boys while backed by starving musicians, Temecula Road headed to England, Katelyn Tarver releases new video, Gina Marie Incandela sings at Pro Bowl event, Mindy Kaling in ban.do

January 27th, 2017

New interview! Carmen Justice checks in to talk about her new single, Flaming Arrows. Listen in as she share details about her new music, some interesting facts about the music video, performing as a solo artist, and even a reflection on her time in 1 Girl Nation. To listen, click here.

Nash Overstreet: U Don’t Get 2 Do That – After deciding to go different ways creatively, Hot Chelle Rae split up, opening the doors for Nash to go full force into his artistry. He went back to the genre of music that influenced his musical journey—soul, R&B and pop—and the result is this contagious EP. Click here to purchase at iTunes. Help support Tommy2.Net by purchasing this release at iTunes.

Samantha LaPorta: I Know U Know (single) – The follow up to her debut, Summertime Hold On Me.

Sophia Carson: Back To Beautiful (single) – The digital single bundle also features two remixes of the song by Alan Walker and Stargate. Help support Tommy2.Net by purchasing this release at iTunes.

Tally: Hush (single) – Finally it’s out! Help support Tommy2.Net by purchasing this release at iTunes.

The Road to the Roxy continues. Check out the live performance of Compass by Forever in Your Mind on Vevo.

Hungry? The latest COMMERCIALLY SPONSORED music by Kurt Hugo Schneider is out and I think one might say, he’s running out ideas. Watch his cover of the classic boyband track, I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys featuring the vocals of Max Schneider and Alyson Stoner. (Doesn’t this remind you of the chicken at the State Fair that plays the piano to get their food bowl filled?)

They’re going global! Temecula Road will be headed to London in March for the C2C Festival presented by BBC Radio 2.

Katelyn Tarver just released a music video for her song, Hate To Tell You. Check it out on Vevo.

Last night, Gina Marie Incandela performed at the National Anthem at the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown in Orlando, FL.

Mindy Kaling posted a photo on Instagram wearing ban.do yesterday! The actress posted a photo wearing ban.do’s I Did My Best Tee.

6pm CST – Space Jam (VH1)
Basketball’s Michael Jordan teams up with Bugs Bunny (voice of Billy West) in this sunny blend of animation and live action about aliens plotting to kidnap Bugs for their failing theme park, Moron Mountain. Other voices include Danny DeVito, Kath Soucie. Directed by Joe Pytka.

7pm CST – The Blind Side (Freeform)
Leigh Anne Touhy, a headstrong, wealthy Memphis woman welcomes into her home Michael Oher, an emotionally traumatized African-American high-school student who turns out to be gifted at playing football.

7pm CST – Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief (TBS)
Accident-prone teenager Percy discovers he’s actually a demigod, the son of Poseidon, and he must master his newfound skills and find Zeus’ stolen lightning in order to prevent a war between the Greek gods that could devastate the entire world.

7pm CST – The Vampire Diaries: Nostalgia (CW)
Sybil enacts revenge on Damon by putting him in a catatonic state. Caroline and Bonnie enter Damon’s mind and run into familiar faces from the past, only to discover Stefan is the key to Damon’s fate. Meanwhile, Sybil and her sister, Seline, jockey for control of the bell.

7:30pm CST – The Tooth Fairy (Disney Channel)
A no-nonsense hockey player with a reputation for knocking the teeth from the mouths of the opposing team must do time as an actual tooth fairy to make up for discouraging a young fan from following his dreams.

The Chainsmokers
X Games Aspen
Aspen, CO

Granada Theater
Dallas, TX

Elizabeth Gillies on rainy days, Little Mix Concerts sell out in minutes, Vote for Tonight Alive iHeartRadio Music Awards 17, Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler finish Australian Tour, Split opens at #1, Shadowhunters blocking, Pair of Kings – Where are they now, Hollywood Knights post game photo

January 23rd, 2017

Quote of the Day:

This rain is making me want to listen to music & eat waffles.

Elizabeth Gillies

Last week, tickets for the Little Mix Summer Shout Out Tour (UK), sold out in minutes. In the next week they’ll be coming to the U.S. to support Ariana Grande on the Dangerous Woman Tour 2017.

Still can’t believe this! Completely blown away by Tonight Alive’s nomination for the iHeartRadio Music Awards 17. It’s definitely long overdue and they’re more than deserving. Vote now at iHeartRadio.com.

The Ziegler Girls Australian Tour 2017 just finished. See the recap over Maddie and Mackenzie’s final days on YouTube.

This weekend, M. Night Shyamalan’s Split opened with a $40 million debut. Not bad considering it’s budget was $10 million. Here’s a look at the top ten earning films January 20-22 according to Box Office Mojo.

1. Split
2. xXx: The Return of Xander Cage
3. Hidden Figures
4. Sing
5. La La Land
6. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
7. Monster Trucks
8. Patriots Day
9. The Founder
10. Sleepless

So what do you think of Shadowhunters Season 2? In case you were wondering how all the talent hits their mark, only one photo from the set is needed.

YSBNOW.com has a new article taking a look at Disney XD’s Pair Of Kings – see the cast Then & Now! It’s missing out on some important details, such as what truly derailed the show after Season 2, but you’ll still probably enjoy it.

The Hollywood Knights pose for a photo after their game and meet and greet at La Habra High School. Obviously, Alyson Stoner (front center) receives the award for changing the fastest.

7pm CST – The Bachelor (ABC)
An upset bachelorette confronts Nick about his forward behavior with another woman; the ladies visit Nick’s hometown of Waukesha, Wis.; Nick selects a group of women to test their skills as ranch hands; a shy bachelorette spends a day with Nick’s family and opens up about her past heartbreak, which allows Nick to see a fiery side to her he never thought possible; country singer Chris Lane performs during a romantic dinner.

7pm CST – Kevin Can Wait: Choke Doubt (CBS)
Sibling rivalry erupts when Kevin brags about saving a man from choking after hearing how much attention his brother, Kyle, is receiving for saving a cat.

7pm CST – Shadowhunters: Day of Wrath (Freeform)
Jace awaits his trial in the City of Bones. Elsewhere, Clary fights against a demon who’s terrorizing the Institute with Alec and Isabelle; Jocelyn confronts Clary with a proposition; and Raphael and Simon take their hunt for Camille to another level.

Aaron Carter
Pub Station
Billings, MT

Utah Valley University
Orem, UT

Switchfoot and Relient K
Ace of Spades
Sacramento, CA

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