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September 1st
Megan Nicole

September 2nd
Tayler Buono

September 4th
Elizabeth Elias - Every Witch Way

September 6th
Max George

September 7th
Kurt Hugo Schneider

September 9th
Haley Reinhart
Hunter Hayes
Michael Buble

September 12th
Kelsea Ballerini

September 13th
James Bourne - Busted
Niall Horan - One Direction

September 15th
Chelsea Kane - Baby Daddy
Emma Fuhrmann
- Blended
Matt Shively - How To Build A Better Boy

September 16th
Nick Jonas

September 17th
Dan Geraghty
Denyse Tontz - Dog With A Blog
Jess Bowen - The Summer Set

September 19th
Alex Angelo
Lisa Cimorelli - Cimorelli

September 20th
Phillip Phillips
Sammi Hanratty

September 21st
Jason Derulo
Lindsey Stirling

September 25th
Jansen Panettiere
Ryan Beatty

September 26th
Nate Parker - The Vamps

September 27th
Avril Lavigne
Sam Lerner

September 28th
Esmee Denters
Hilary Duff

September 30th
Maddie Ziegler - Dance Moms



September 1st
Castle: The Complete Seventh Season (DVD)
Nashville: The Complete Third Season (DVD)
New Girl: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)
The Originals: The Complete Second Season (DVD & Blu-ray)
The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Sixth Season (DVD & Blu-ray)

September 8th
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season Two (DVD)
Haven: Season 5, Vol. 1 (DVD & Blu-ray)
Supernatural: The Complete Tenth Season (DVD & Blu-ray)
The Goldbergs: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

September 15th
Cinderella (2015) (DVD & Blu-ray)
Monkey Kingdom (Disneynature) (DVD & Blu-ray)
Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Second Season (DVD & Blu-ray)

September 18th
Agent Carter: The Complete First Season (DVD & Blu-ray)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: The Complete Second Season (DVD & Blu-ray)
Gabrielle Aplin - Light Up The Dark
September 22nd
Arrow: The Complete Third Season (DVD & Blu-ray)
Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) (DVD & Blu-ray)
The Flash: The Complete First Season (DVD & Blu-ray)

September 29th
Grimm: Season Four (DVD & Blu-ray)
iZombie: The Complete First Season (DVD)
Mom: The Complete Second Season (DVD)
Reign: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

October 2nd
The Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D, Blu-ray, & DVD)

October 6th
When Marnie Was There (DVD & Blu-ray)
Reign: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

October 13th
Aladdin (Diamond Edition) (DVD & Blu-ray)
Heroes: The Complete Series (DVD & Blu-ray)
Jurassic World (3D, Blu-ray, & DVD)
The 100: The Complete Second Season (DVD)

October 20th
Inside Out (3D, Blu-ray, & DVD)

October 27th
Sailor Moon R: Season 2, Part 2 (DVD & Blu-ray)

November 3rd
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Extended Edition) (3D, Blu-ray, & DVD)

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New Interview with Alyson Stoner, Fifth Harmony behind-the-scenes at Candie’s shoot, Cimorelli announces US Tour, Hollywood Ending performs final show in UK, Youngblood by Jem and the Holograms, Tony Hawk Boards + Bands, The Band Perry performs on Good Morning America

August 14th, 2015

New Interview! Alyson Stoner talks about her role in the Lifetime original movie, Sugarbabies, and what it’s all about. Plus, her thoughts on what it was like to see her Missy Elliott tribute video go viral, an update on the film Summer Forever, new music, and her work with I Pour Life. Click here, to listen!

Here’s a look at some new behind-the-scenes shots of Fifth Harmony picking out their Candie’s wardrobe for the new Candie’s commercial.

Just announced! Cimorelli will be heading out on a US Tour this fall and tickets go on sale this morning. Visit Cimorelliband.tumblr.com to purchase tickets. Here are the dates:

27 San Diego, CA – House of Blues
28 Los Angeles, CA – The Mint
29 Santa Ana, CA – Constellation Room

5 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
15 Atlanta, GA – Vinyl
16 Greensboro, NC – The Blind Tiger
21 Orlando, FL – Plaza Live
22 Gainesville, FL – High Dive
24 St. Petersburg, FL – The State Theatre

Last night, Hollywood Ending performed their final show in the UK. Tomorrow, they’ll be at iPlay America in Freehold, NJ for their final show. For tickets, visit Ticketfly.com.

It’s on! Here’s more of the one and only Jem! Universal Pictures has released a short music video for the original song, Youngblood by Jem and the Holograms. #TrulyOutrageous

Tony Hawk and musician Ben Harper gathered wednesday night in Los Angeles with supporters of the Tony Hawk Foundation to kick off the third annual Boards + Bands Auction – a special fundraising initiative that merges the worlds of skateboarding and music to benefit Hawk’s foundation.

Boards + Bands pairs award-winning music talent with some of the biggest skateboarders in the world through artful collaboration. Hawk invited a select group of professional skateboarders to donate their personally ridden skateboards and submit the name of their favorite songs. Harper then sent those boards on to the appropriate artists with one simple message: “Please write the lyrics to this skater’s favorite song on his skateboard, and we’ll use it to create more skateparks for kids.”

The auction is now live and those interested in bidding can do so at BoardsAndBands.org. The complete list of the one-of-a-kind decks include:

Paul Rodriguez + Jay Z Where I’m From
Shane O’Neil + Jay Z Politics As Usual
Nyjah Huston +: Metallica Fade To Black
Ryan Sheckler + Of Mice & Men The Depths
Tony Hawk + U2 Where The Streets Have No Name
Chris Cole + Elton John & Bernie Taupin Candle In The Wind

Don’t miss The Band Perry perform their new single Live Forever for the first time on TV. Tune in to ABC at 7:00am this morning to see them perform from Central Park as part of Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series.

7pm CST – Bunk’d: Camp Rules (Disney Channel)
Lou sends Emma and Zuri out in a canoe on the lake to work out their differences when they won’t stop fighting.

7pm CST – Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (ABC Family)
A poor boy and four bratty kids win a magical mystery tour of a candy factory owned by an eccentric chocolatier. A wonderfully whimsical, visually inventive fantasy.

7pm CST – The Goonies (VH1)
Kids find a treasure map and go searching for pirate’s booty in a subterranean cavern, but they run into a band of outlaws and their ringleader, whose soft-hearted son comes to the kids’ rescue.

7:30pm CST – Girl Meets World: Girl Meets Semi-Formal (Disney Channel)
Riley is asked to the semi-formal dance by a classmate and is torn whether to go with him or Lucas. Meanwhile, Cory’s brother is visited by an old friend.

8pm CST – I Didn’t Do It: Doggie Daddy (Disney Channel)
Lindy and Logan compete for a foster dog’s affection; Jasmine accidentally sells Garrett’s vintage action-figure at a garage sale.

Becky G, The Vamps, The Tide, and more!
Abbotsford Centre
Abbostford, BC

Hollywood Ending, Astro Safari, Cody T, Six Stories Told , States/Capitals, Take a Breath, and Parker Wilson
iPlay America
Freehold, NJ

Lindsey Stirling and Lights
Santa Barbara County Bowl
Santa Barbara, CA

Pop Nation
The Roxy
Los Angeles, CA

Cuthbert Amphitheatre
Eugene, OR

Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, Shawn Mendes
Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, CA

Alyson Stoner

August 14th, 2015

Tommy2: How’s it going it’s Tommy2 and checking in with us today we’ve got Alyson Stoner.

Alyson Stoner: Tommy!

Tommy2: Hey, hey… long time!

Alyson Stoner: How are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing pretty well. How about yourself… good?

Alyson Stoner: I’m hanging in there…

Tommy2: For a media day?

Alyson Stoner: Well, yes… but you know also the day before my birthday and other business things today. So it’s a pretty well day.

Tommy2: Okay, so much to talk about! Let’s start off here by rewinding back to February 12th when you posted your Missy Elliott Tribute video on YouTube. What went through mind when watching it surpass 6 million views in the first 24 hours?

Alyson Stoner: Isn’t that crazy? It was definitely not planned. I made the tribute just to say thank you for being part of such a great era in music and Missy’s career and the start of my career and I got my friends together. We had three days to organize things and five hours to shoot it in a warehouse, that’s all I could afford to rent it out for. And Tim Milgram and I figured out the shot list when we got there and we had no idea it was going to be received that way and we’re so grateful and I feel like it reintroduced my face to a lot of people and they were able to catch up with me and just see that that wasn’t the only thing I’ve done since then. So, it was great!

Tommy2: And that was crazy to see it show up on YouTubes clip for the most viral videos in the last 10 years as well.

Alyson Stoner: Oh my gosh! Isn’t that insane? That sounds… I can’t believe I was apart of that. I can’t believe you’re talking to me about something I did? I’m like, yeah cool I saw that cat video too!

Tommy2: Well, it just goes to show that a random thought should always be entertained, right? You know, when you thought of doing that video right? You never know what’s going to happen.

Alyson Stoner: Never say never, never say never.

Tommy2: Now this Saturday, Lifetime will premiere their new movie Sugarbabies. Why don’t you tell us about your role in it, and a few good reasons why we should check it out?

Alyson Stoner: Well, Sugarbabies is my entrance in mature acting. I’m the lead, Katie Woods, I’m attending college and I’m approached by a Sugar Daddy to possible start and arranged companionship which will help me financially with my academic costs.
What I love about this film is that it’s kind of a social commentary on a very relevant topic. I’m hoping people watch it with their family, with their friends, and they start a dialogue about what they think of the whole sugar baby world and if it’s appropriate for some people or if it’s off limits for others. If it’s immoral or if it can be done wisely and what I love, as the viewer you’re never told what the answer is. You’re just able to open your mind to all of the possibilities of how women get involved in these situations and how some can seem innocent, how some can seem detrimental. And it was an honor to play the role, it’s definitely more mature and then we shot it in thirteen days so it was just non-stop. But we loved it, it came together very beautifully and I’m very excited about it.

Tommy2: And you’ve also got another movie around the corner, Summer Forever and this ones a musical. So what’s it’s about and who’s in it?

Alyson Stoner: Summer Forever, it stars Megan Nicole and Ryan McCartan and Cody Johns – very popular influencer faces on YouTube and Vine and other social platforms. It is about three best friends on their final weekend together before the rest of their lives begin – college and wherever else they’re headed. And I play Liv, who’s very outspoken, very boy crazy. I’m so glad to be a part of this musical because unlike other musicals I’ve been in I actually get to have my own solo number. My character gets to say something dang it! So, she sings and dances and it’s ten original songs from the producer of Smash and directed by and awards winning music video director for Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Carrie Underwood and his name is Roman White. And a fun fact about the movie is that most of it is improvised because Roman wanted to see our friendship blossom genuinely. So, he mostly just rolled the cameras and let the plot ensue, which is pretty crazy, but makes for a very heartfelt wonderful film to watch.

Tommy2: And you mentioned your dancing there and I know that you’ve still been doing your workshops here and there for dance. What advice to you have for people that are thinking of taking the next step into dance. What things should they focus on?

Alyson Stoner: That’s a great question. A lot of times in mainstream dance you think that practicing choreography and routines is the best avenue, and if you need to grow in that area – go for it. But otherwise, I would highly recommend looking up foundational, instructional tutorials on different styles of dance. Really understand the movement, not just the steps. Understand that executing the choreography is only accurate and has integrity when the full move and the full feeling accompany it. So, I would say keep training and don’t wait for a professional class to tell you what to do. Do your research and experiment with movement alone, practice freestyling and trying different shapes with your body. It’s crucial so you can do more than just perform one routine once.

Tommy2: And a few months back, you released a new single, Pretty Girls. Are their any new music releases for you just around the corner?

Alyson Stoner: Yes, I just listened to my final mix of my next single right before we called and it’s hopefully coming out this fall. I’m also doing and amazing music video with the director of Summer Forever. So, it’s going to be pretty exciting.

Tommy2: We’ll have to look forward to that! Now the biggest news we’ve got to get to is you being a Goodwill Ambassador with I Pour Life and that you’ll be heading to Ethiopia to do some work for them. Give us the full story there?

Alyson Stoner: Yep, I’ve been working for I Pour Life for about seven years, and organization dedicated to empowering people to like define their individual need and skills and then training them in heath care, finances, different trades to that they can leave the life of poverty and enter sustainability. So our work globally is in El Salvador and Ethiopia. I’ll be heading back to Korah, Ethiopia in three weeks. We’ll be doing some women’s empowerment, our art program with kids. We’ll do some practical home repairs. Really our goal is not to come in as a western individualist who thinks their superior and has the solutions. Our approach is to simply do with people, drop differences. Not give them a bunch of handouts, but really a hand up by journeying alongside them and restoring dignity over the course of time building relationships and trust. And I’m honored to be a part of this work because we’ve seen visible measurable change. And right now I’m raising money so that we can afford all of the supplies, so we have an Indiegogo page up and it truly is a thousand percent real. I truly need all of the funds in order to make this trip possible so we’re grateful for all of the contributors and that’s still going up right now. And I’m giving like super fun perks, like Skype dates and autographed photos, and leaving voicemails as Isabella from Phineas and Ferb when people donate, so it’s fun to get involved and it has major effects globally.

Tommy2: Sure thing! Now you’ve always had such a positive and thoughtful heart like you were just sharing there and you also have some great things to say on Twitter. What inspires you to have the mindset you do?

Alyson Stoner: Oh gosh… well, thank you. Honestly, I only share what I’m going through and I wrestle with a lot of big questions, so I end up seeking a lot of places for answers and of course I have my faith and my family and my support system. But I think it’s really discovering the world around you. Traveling, building compassion for other people, recognizing that when you do feel offended, you don’t want to repeat the act and perpetuate it by doing the same to someone else. So, I just, I think as an actress and then someone who loves studying the brain and psychology I see everything as an opportunity to understand where someone’s coming from before trying to make them understand me. And it seems to bridge the gap between a lot of differences and it makes a lot more room for love and beauty and for people to feel safe to be themselves and to shine. So, if that’s what I want from someone else, I hope that I would do the same to offer it to others.

Tommy2: That’s great to hear. Alyson thanks so much for always making the time for us and you keep up the great work now.

Alyson Stoner: Thank you so much! Nice talking to you.

Michelle Defraites on Friday, Fifth Harmony sings new song for Candie’s, Vita Chambers returns, Madonna unveiled fashion designers for world tour, Vanessa Hudgens interview at beauty coach.com, Kristen Stewart covers Nylon September issue

August 13th, 2015

Quote of the Day:

Friday can not come fast enough.

Michelle Defraites

Candie’s will unveil their new ad campaign featuring the song Rock Your Candie’s, by Fifth Harmony during Teen Choice 2015 on August 16th on FOX. The commercials will be released throughout the Teen Choice Awards giving fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the making of the music video. The commercials feature the girls of Fifth Harmony arriving on set, picking out their Candie’s wardrobe, sitting at a café practicing vocals for Rock Your Candie’s and sneaking onto the soundstage. Check out the teaser clip on YouTube!

Remember Vita Chambers… previously signed to Universal Republic/SRP Records at age 16 and opening act on Justin Bieber‘s My World Tour as well as at the November 2009 Thanksgiving Day NFL half-time show? She’s back and will be releasing the music video for her new power ballad Atlas on August 18th. You can view a preview of it on YouTube.

Yesterday Madonna unveiled the fashion designers with whom she is collaborating for her costumes on her highly anticipated Rebel Heart World Tour. The list includes Alessandro Michele for Gucci, Alexander Wang, Fausto Puglisi, Jeremy Scott for Moschino, Nicolas Jebran, Miu Miu, Prada and Swarovski. Costume designer Arianne Phillips will be overseeing the wardrobe for the Rebel Heart Tour and will also contribute designs, marking her sixth tour with Madonna.

BeautyCoach.com has a new interview and photo shoot with Vanessa Hudgens. Styled and photographed by BeautyCoach.com founders Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri of Nine Zero One salon, Vanessa Hudgens showed off her bohemian beauty while dishing about inner beauty in a candid interview.

NYLON’s September issue hits stands in two weeks, featuring actress Kristen Stewart. In the quote-packed feature, Stewart gives writer Margaret Wappler a rare and intimate look into her life and opens up in-depth about her career, evolving fame, how she’s grown as a person, and much more.

7pm CST – 13 Going On 30 (E!)
In 1987, awkward 13-year-old Jenna Rink’s birthday wish to be “30, flirty and thriving” is magically granted, and she wakes up an adult in 2004. Overwhelmed by her physical changes and the new era, she seeks help from a childhood bud, who’s now a handsome photographer.

7pm CST – Ratatouille (Disney Channel)
A rat who dreams of becoming a gourmet chef teams up with an inexperienced kitchen worker at one of Paris’ finest restaurants.

8pm CST – Ghostbusters (VH1)
Unemployed parapsychologists devise a system for neutralizing ghosts when New York City comes under attack from supernatural demons.

Marymoor Park
Redmond, WA

Taylor Swift, Vance Joy, Shawn Mendes
Levi’s Stadium
Santa Clara, CA

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