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February 1st
Harry Styles - One Direction
Heather Morris - Glee

February 6th

February 10th
Emma Roberts

February 11th
Anthony Ladao - Midnight Red

February 12th
Jennifer Stone

February 15th
Amber Riley - Glee

February 17th
Ed Sheeran

February 19th
Malese Jow

February 19th
Victoria Justice

February 20th
Brian Littrell - Backstreet Boys

February 25th
Tonny Oller - MKTO

February 28th
Madisen Beaty



February 10th
101 Dalmations (Diamond Edition) (Blu-ray)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (DVD & Blu-ray)
Digimon Fusion: Season One (DVD)
Sailor Moon: Season 1, Part 2 (DVD & Blu-ray)

February 17th
Doctor Who: Last Christmas (DVD & Blu-ray)
Imagine Dragons - Smoke & Mirrors
The Tale of Princess Kaguya (DVD & Blu-ray)

February 24th
Big Hero 6 (DVD & Blu-ray)
Mat Kearney - Just Kids

March 3rd
Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece
Rixton - Let The Road
Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast (DVD & Blu-ray)

March 6th
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (DVD & Blu-ray)

March 10th
Interstellar (DVD & Blu-ray)

March 31st
Death Cab for Cutie - Kintsugi

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Johnny Ortiz – McFarland USA

February 20th, 2015

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and joining us this afternoon we’ve got actor Johnny Ortiz from Walt Disney Pictures upcoming release McFarland USA starring Kevin Costner. So Johnny how are you doing today?

Johnny Ortiz: Great, great. And yourself?

Tommy2: I am doing well myself. And I’m curious, did you get out and run this morning?

Johnny Ortiz: I did actually… you know. Every morning I wake up at five in the morning and run.

Tommy2: That’s awesome! I definitely had to ask that since we’re here to talk about the film McFarland USA that opens on February 20th. First off, why don’t you give us the run down of what this new movie from Disney is all about?

Johnny Ortiz: Well, McFarland… it does star Kevin Costner and Maria Bello. It’s about seven runners that grow up in this port town called McFarland USA which is 30 minutes away fro Bakersfield and how these seven runners, before they become seven runners, they’re actually farmworkers that they work in the morning, they run to school, they run… basically they’re running everywhere, and how this coach comes into town, and he’s this white guy in this population of 3,000 people and he comes and sees that these kids have potential you know? And he starts teaching P.E. class in High School and in High School you know he sees that these kids have potential and he all brings them together and makes them into state champion runners. It’s based on a true story too.

Tommy2: I know you’re athletic obviously since you run. Did you have to do any extra training for the film?

Johnny Ortiz: Yes, we actually did. They put us through a month of training cross country.

Tommy2: What kind of workouts did you do?

Johnny Ortiz: Well, you know we did a lot of running in the morning. We would run like 20 minutes, we started off with simple warmups. It was 20 minutes and from 20 minutes it went to 30 minutes, from 30 minutes it went to an hour and then we started doing some cardio, working our bodies, and just working on that because being a runner it is a nice athletic sport you know, it takes a lot of dedication and motivation.

Tommy2: What’s one thing you enjoy about getting out and running.

Johnny Ortiz: What I enjoy about running? You know running, it helps you meditate your mind, it cures everything. Everything’s more smoother, you know you feel like you have know weight in your back soit’s a peaceful athletic sport to do, to be more inner relaxed.

Tommy2: Now I’m sure the most obvious question people want to know about being in the cast of McFarland USA is what was it like to get to work with Kevin Costner?

Johnny Ortiz: Well, Kevin Costner he is a great person you know. He’s a very experienced man, he’s been in the industry for a lot of years you know. He’s very sympathetic and he helps people in their roles cause there’s three new actors in the new Disney film that we did and he helps them out, he shows them, these kids are new to the film cause actually from all seven runners, three kids were actually from the town McFarland that were cast that were brought into the film that were brand new to the industry. So, Kevin Costner comes in and helps them out you know, and asks us as co-stars we help each other out and we help them build trust.

Tommy2: Right, sounds like there’s a very unique story behind the story there.

Johnny Ortiz: Of course.

Ella Henderson’s Ghost certified platinum, Tinashe receives awards, Best Nickelodeon Theme songs

February 19th, 2015

Nineteen-year-old UK breakout Ella Henderson’s hit single Ghost has been certified platinum in the US in recognition of over 1 million singles sold. Ella celebrated with the cast of The View, where she performed the newly-platinum hit on Tuesday in New York City. Check out her performance at ABC.com.

While in Austalia for her Aquarius Tour, Tinashe received awards for her debut single, 2 On.

MTV.com has a new feature about the 17 Best Nickelodeon Theme Songs. It includes classics such as Kenan & Kel, All That, Drake & Josh and many more. Did you know that back in 2005 T2 featured an interview with Zoey 101’s Kristin Herrera that includes her single the them song? To listen, click here.

7pm CST – American Idol: Showcase #2 (FOX)
Showcases continue with hopefuls performing. Also: The Top 24 is revealed.

7pm CST – Mulan (Disney Channel)
A Chinese maiden disguises herself as a man so that she can fight invading Huns. During an ambush, Mulan proves herself to be a brave and fearless leader.

7pm CST – The Vampire Diaries: Let Her Go (CW)
Elena becomes concerned when she notices a strange change in Caroline’s behavior; Alaric gets wary when Kai turns to Jo for help; Matt and Tyler contemplate a major life change; Damon deals with painful memories involving his mother; Bonnie finds herself in an unfamiliar situation.

Aaron Carter
Cone Denim Entertainment Center
Greensboro, NC

The Social
Orlando, FL

Jamie Grace
UTZ McKenzie Center
Chattanooga, TN

Katy Perry and Charli XCX
Halle Tony Garnier
Lyon, France

Granada Theater
Dallas, TX

One Direction
Patersons Stadium
Perth, AU

Hi Fi Bar
Melbourne, Victoria

The Tragic Thrills
Lincoln, NE

Celica Westbrook defines the best night ever, Demi Lovato’s Twister Moves, Sabrina Carpenter to premiere video, Visionworks Shall We Dance on Ice with Bella Thorne, Savvy and Mandy showcase in Nashville, Katelyn Tarver to release Weekend Millionaires single, Radio Disney AM 990 Miami sold for $2.1 million

February 18th, 2015

Quote of the Day:

Snow day + Chinese Take Out + A movie = Definition of the best night ever.

Celica Westbrook

This week at the North American International Toy Fair Demi Lovato‘s Twister Moves line was unveiled.

On Friday, Sabrina Carpenter will premiere her new music video for We’ll Be The Stars.

This Saturday, ABC will broadcast Visionworks Shall We Dance on Ice featuring musical guest star Bella Thorne (performing Jersey).

On Tuesday, Savvy & Mandy will be having a showcase at South in Nashville, TN. Check it out – it’s Free!

Next week, Katelyn Tarver will be releasing her new single, Weekend Millionaires from her upcoming album.

Disney recently sold its broadcast station WMYM AM 990 for $2.1 million.

7pm CST – American Idol: Showcase #1 (FOX)
The singers perform in showcases. Also: Some contestants discover their fate.

7pm CST – Let It Shine (Disney Channel)
A shy pastor’s son develops a crush on a popular singer and enters a rap song in a contest in hopes she will record it. He wins, but credit for writing the song is given to his best friend, who then becomes involved with the teen singing sensation.

7pm CST – Melissa & Joey: Face the Music (ABC Family)
Mel gets Dani a piano and nurtures her musical skills, but Joe’s not on board with this, and his puzzling behavior leads Mel to discover his hidden past as a member of a boy band. Elsewhere, Lennox gives Zander an ultimatum concerning his new girlfriend.

7pm CST – The Princess Diaries (E!)
In this modern-day fable, a European queen travels to San Francisco to find her long-lost granddaughter and groom her for the throne.

7:30pm CST – The Goldbergs: Van People (ABC)
Murray takes Erica’s car privileges away, which leads her to retaliate by going halfsies with Barry on a shabby used black van that they end up living in much to the despair of Beverly. Meanwhile, Adam doesn’t take kindly to being voted “nicest guy” in the school yearbook.

7:30pm CST – Baby Daddy: House of Cards (ABC Family)
Ben and Danny reunite Tucker and his college sweetheart, whom Tucker learns is still his wife. Meanwhile, Riley uses her corporate card to try to get a promotion at work, but she lands in hot water for overspending.

Aaron Carter
Cat’s Cradle
Carrboro, NC

Hayley Kiyoko
Richshaw Stop
San Francisco, CA

Jamie Grace
JQH Arena
Springfield, MO

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