Interview: Emilia McCarthy – Zombies

Tommy2: What’s up it’s Tommy2 and I hope you’re all off to a great new year. Today, we’ve a returning visitor who we spoke with back in 2015 – it’s Emilia McCarthy! Hey, how’s it going?

Emilia McCarthy: Hey, good! Thanks for having me, it’s been so long.

Tommy2: Yeah, I was gonna say has it really been three years?

Emilia McCarthy: I guess so, time flies!

Tommy2: Now before you give us on the scoop on the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie – Zombies, let’s catch up on some other things like, let’s start off with one of the best ways to find out about you, which is Instagram and Twitter where they both have the byline I noticed, “No on believes I’m half Mexican.” So, I figured we’ll let you prove it. Okay?

Emilia McCarthy: Okay (laughter)

Tommy2: So first off, what’s your favorite Mexican food?

Emilia McCarthy: My favorite Mexican varies on the day, but I have to say Chilaquiles are my all time favorite. My Grandma makes really good Mole which is like this dark sauce that you usually put on chicken or enchiladas and literally, I could go my entire life with only eating Mexican food and I will die happy

Tommy2: When you say Grandma and Mexican food, that’s… that’s… I’m sold!

Emilia McCarthy: Yes, exactly!

Tommy2: Now are you into hot and spicy dishes?

Emilia McCarthy: Oh yeah! I had a traumatic experience when I was a little kid actually, my Grandma of course had this bowl of red sauce out on the table, and as most little kids I loved ketchup so I took the biggest spoon from the kitchen and took a big gulp of this red sauce thinking it was ketchup, but it was actually the spiciest sauce my Grandma has ever made. So ever since, I guess I was four years old, my tolerance for spice has been great because I had to go through that traumatic experience and now I can literally have any amount of spicyness. Like ask… even my Mom, I can outgrow her spicyness honestly.

Tommy2: Okay, how about when in Mexico, what’s your favorite place to visit or thing to do?

Emilia McCarthy: My favorite thing to do when I’m in Mexico is definitely, visit family. I love visiting places and getting in touch with the local side as well. So that’s why I really love visiting Mexico, because I get that side of the local, you know, vibe. Which is something that I really love and of course my Grandma’s food is my #1 favorite thing to do in Mexico.

Tommy2: Yes, and of course the final proof we need is, we need for you to speak a little spanish for us?

Emilia McCarthy: (Speaks in Spanish)

Tommy2: I think I kind of got what that was (laughter).

Emilia McCarthy: (laughter).

Tommy2: Okay, now just to give this a little balance, since you’re Canadian, I thought we’d cover some of that as well, okay?

Emilia McCarthy: Yeah!

Tommy2: Now how about the thing you love to do most in the snow?

Emilia McCarthy: I recently went snowmobiling which was super fun, but there has to be a certain amount of snow. It has to be very deep snow and luckily this winter we got a lot of snow, so we were able to go snowmobiling which is super fun.

Tommy2: And are you a hockey fan?

Emilia McCarthy: I am a hockey fan in the sense the I’m Canadian and we all kind of are hockey fans, but funny enough, my Dad’s favorite team is the Chicago Blackhawks, so there you go.

Tommy2: And what’s the one thing you love most about Canada?

Emilia McCarthy: One thing I love the most about Canada is… I know it’s a stereotype, but honestly the friendly people. You know, people fight about who will hold the door for you and the little things like that, that you know makes it really of happy.

Tommy2: Right, and gives you a little more feeling of home.

Emilia McCarthy: Exactly!

Tommy2: Once again we’re going to need proof here, so why don’t you say what you said the last time but this time in French?

Emilia McCarthy: (Speaks in French)

Tommy2: (Laughter)

Emilia McCarthy: Yeah, that’s it! I don’t know, my French is rough now.

Tommy2: Much better than mine so I’ll take your word for it. So I guess that means it’s time for us to talk about Zombies which premieres on Disney Channel on February 16th! So let’s start at the beginning. Like, when did you first find out about the movie and audition?

Emilia McCarthy: So, I auditioned back in April (2017) in Toronto and I heard that I got the role pretty much a week after. We did just a regular audition and then we also did a dance audition and we had to learn a routine from the movie and we performed it in front of the producers and director which was super nerve wracking but I guess it worked out because like I said a week later I got the notice that I got the role and I was so excited. The whole production just seemed like such a fun thing to be a part of, so I was so, so happy.

Tommy2: Yeah, I was kind of wondering about that since you have some dance in your background. Was that exciting for you to have a chance at a dancing movie like this?

Emilia McCarthy: Yeah, you know just like the Disney movie Zapped that I did a few years ago with Zendaya where we danced in that as well. I love that I can incorporate the dancing background I have in the mix of my acting I have as well, which is fun. And I love that Disney let’s you do that.

Tommy2: And also, you mentioned the auditions being in Canada, and I know this was shot in Toronto. Was that close to home for you?

Emilia McCarthy: Yeah, so the audition place was literally like a 10 minute drive from condo in Toronto, so it worked out perfect.

Tommy2: Nothing like being relaxed, huh?

Emilia McCarthy: I know! (laughter) But yeah, it was cool it was kind of like at home but it was just this crazy cool production. They transformed Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario which is the city kind of outside of Toronto into Zombieland and Seabrook which is the town in Zombies which was so cool to see and everyday place that I live in transformed into this cool movie set.

Tommy2: Now, how about your character Lacey, how would you describe her?

Emilia McCarthy: So, Lacey is one of the humans. She’s a cheerleader and she kind of is a part of that, I have to be perfect, I have to be what society tells me I have to be and she follows you know the leader, Bucky who’s the cheer captain but like everyone else, she has her own self trapped inside of her wanting to you know, break free from this society that Seabrook you know has where everyone has to be perfect. And so you get to know Lacey throughout the end of the movie and who she really is comes out in the end which is kind of cool.