Interview: Sky Katz

Tommy2: Hey there, it’s Tommy2 and I hope you’re all having a great summer. It’s been a blast over here and today should be a fun one because we’ve got Sky Katz from the new Disney Channel series Raven’s Home joining us. Sky, how ya doing?

Sky Katz: Wooh. Hey, how are you?

Tommy2: Doing awesome. Now soon a lot of us will be head back to school and I was wondering what your favorite subject is?

Sky Katz: I just like recess and lunch. You could call those my favorite subjects.

Tommy2: Alright, we’ll count that as PE. How’s that work?

Sky Katz: Okay, sure.

Tommy2: Now, moving on to more enjoyable things at school, whats you’re preference for food. Would rather bring lunch or get it from the cafeteria?

Sky Katz: Well, I usually bring lunch unless my mom has to leave the house for something in the morning, then she’ll just leave my money to buy.

Tommy2: What’s the favorite thing she makes for you?

Sky Katz: My favorite thing she makes for me is, she makes me a sandwich, toasts the bread and then she puts like roast beef and turkey in it. That’s my favorite thing.

Tommy2: Sounds delicious

Sky Katz: Yeah!

Tommy2: Now, lets say you have a backpack, what extras would have to be inside that backpack?

Sky Katz: Well, I always have candy that my mom doesn’t know about. Like, in school, like I would bring it for all of my friends on the bus so I’d probably have a lot of candy cause I have the biggest sweet tooth ever.

Tommy2: Moving on, I hear your a big fan of Basketball? So when did you fall in love with that?

Sky Katz: Well, I’ve always loved it and my brother played actually. I would always stand on the side and dribble and then during the breaks I’d play. And then his coach saw me, then I started playing scrimmage with the team with the older boys when I was like in second grade. And then he got me in a league, my brothers coach and then my brother got mad because I was so much better than him and his coach was pushing me more than him. So my brother gave up on basketball.

Tommy2: So we’ll thank your brother for your success right?

Sky Katz: Yeah, I guess you could say that.

Tommy2: And who’s your favorite College or NBA Team?

Sky Katz: I like the Warriors. I love the Warriors probably because of Stephen Curry, I love him.

Tommy2: Oh yeah, definitely. Now, earlier this year, you got a chance to mix your two favorites together when you performed your single, Fresh during the 1st quarter of the Phoenix Suns and New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. You definitely have to tell us all about that?

Sky Katz: Well, that was awesome. Like, whenever I’ve… I’m in New York so I’ve obviously been to Madison Square Garden and I always said one day I want to perform on that stage and that day I did and I don’t know, it was just crazy and it was awesome and one day I want those seats to be sold out for my show.

Tommy2: So, we talked about the basketball, but what about the rapping when did the whole rapping thing starts?

Sky Katz: My parents raised me listening to hip hop and rapping and stuff, so I’ve been performing since I was five at my siblings parties and all that, but I can’t remember the age I started rapping. I’ve been rapping for so long.

Tommy2: And some people might remember your rapping from Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. What was the auditing process like for that show?

Sky Katz: Well, I sent in the tape without my parents even knowing, I sent in a tape. And then my dad got a phone call on his way to work and he thought it was some kind of prank. So then, we went to Queens College and then I auditioned there and then they called us back to audition in LA, in Pasadena for the official judge round and then I got in. It was awesome.

Tommy2: And with that judge round, did you have a favorite judge?

Sky Katz: Umm… Simon was probably my favorite judge.

Tommy2: And what was that like performing knowing that this was going to be on TV?

Sky Katz: Oh my god! Some people get nervous knowing that and the bigger audience, but like it hyped me up so much and that motivates me all the time. Like knowing there’s a bigger audience and it hypes me up so much.

Tommy2: And of course a bigger chance for great things to happen.

Sky Katz: Yep! There’s more to come. That lead to this Disney thing, but like more to come I hope.

Tommy2: And let’s move on to your latest work as Tess on Raven’s Home and Disney Channel. What’s one thing you enjoy about the show?

Sky Katz: One thing I enjoy about the show… something I like about Tess is that she like loves her friends and tries to do whatever to help them in any situation they’re in. But, about the show, I love that it shows family no matter what happens, at the end of the day your family is still family, like no matter if fail or craziness happens.

Tommy2: And what about the cast? I know everybody knows about Raven, what’s it like with Raven and the rest of the cast.

Sky Katz: I love the cast because it really feels like a family, everyone is so different and that leads to so much fun. We all balance each other out so much.

Tommy2: And I was wondering what did you think when you found out that Raven’s Home would make it’s premiere following Descendants 2 that was a pretty big night?

Sky Katz: Yeah, you could tell that Disney had a lot of faith in the show because they allowed us to follow such a strong movie which was crazy.

Tommy2: Were you with friends when that premiered?

Sky Katz: I was actually with the whole cast. We filmed earlier that night and then we all sat down on the set and had a TV right in front of us. The whole cast and crew we were all there watching.

Tommy2: That is awesome. Now how about telling about one amazing thing that has happened as a result of you landing your role on Raven’s Home like all the things that come with that like the awards shows, the premieres, meeting people, etc.?

Sky Katz: Probably, the first thing that was crazy that was because of the show was the RDMA’s, the Radio Disney Music Awards, those were so much fun and it was my awards show, so it it made it even more fun. That was probably one of the best we’ve been to far.

Tommy2: And who would probably be the most exciting person you met there?

Sky Katz: I met Alessia Cara, that was pretty cool. But probably Sabrina Carpenter.

Tommy2: In a couple of weeks you will performing at Kids’ Day 2017 at Arthur Ashe Stadium on August 26th.

Sky Katz: Yay! I know. I’m freaking out.

Tommy2: That’s quite a gig.

Sky Katz: I’m freaking out because it will be on August 26th in New York, my hometown and it’s all about the kids, the day, which makes even better, cause you know I’m a kid. I like performing in front of kids and showing them everything.

Tommy2: And I’m guessing you’ll be performing you’re new single For Da Summer that was just released last week. For people who haven’t heard it, why don’t you share about it?

Sky Katz: Well, you know all year you’re working and you have school and stress and stuff, but then the summer comes and it’s fun and you don’t have to worry about anything. So that’s what the song is about, just having fun and being happy.

Tommy2: Alright, well Sky, thanks so much for checking in with us today and we’ll see you around.

Sky Katz: Thank you! See you around.