Interview: Olivia Holt

Tommy2: Hey, what’s up it’s Tommy2 and we’re in Florida today with Olivia Holt who just kicked off her Rise Of A Phoenix Tour. Olivia how’s it going?

Olivia Holt: So good!

Tommy2: So good. You know the first time we spoke, you had just released your first single (Had Me @ Hello).

Olivia Holt: Yeah!

Tommy2: And we talked about you actually performing on the road and you were talking about what it would be like and now it’s here.

Olivia Holt: Mhhm.

Tommy2: I mean, this has to be like the ultimate dream come true?

Olivia Holt: It’s very, very surreal. I’ve definitely dreamed of going on the road and going to different cities and like meeting new people like just kind of embracing their culture and everything. So this is definitely a dream come true. It’s very, very surreal though.

Tommy2: And earlier today you did a signing at FYE. What was that like?

Olivia Holt: It was so cool! You know I’ve actually never been at an FYE store so that was my first time to experience that and just to meet some really, really cool people.

Tommy2: Speaking of music, what type groups are you checking out these days?

Olivia Holt: So many, from Jess Glynne who’s my favorite artist at the moment, she’s a UK artist. She has a really great album called I Cry When I Laugh and I think I listen to it every single day. So, she’s definitely on my radar as well as Ellie Goulding, Adele, all that good stuff. They’re kind of my inspiration into the music that I’m making now.

Tommy2: And now let’s talk about the new album. Who’d you work with on it?

Olivia Holt: I worked with some really, really great people on this album. I worked with Steve Mac who wrote and produced my first single, Phoenix, and he was so incredible, so great to work with. I worked with Evan Bogart and Eman (Emanuel Kiriakou), there such a great group over there, Chelsea Lena, Steph Jones. I mean there’s so many great people that I worked with on the album and I feel very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do that.

Tommy2: And since this was a big step for you, what was that like? What did you learn in the process of recording the album?

Olivia Holt: I learned a lot about music that I didn’t think… that I probably thought I knew but when I was in the studio I was so blown away by a lot of things I didn’t know. And being able to work with people that had been in the industry quite some time now is really cool to just soak up as must knowledge as I possibly can from them. And that’s been really exciting. I’ve learned different elements of music that you can intertwine into one genre, and that was most important for me as I wanted to make a pop record but growing up in the south and hearing these real instruments, real raw organic instruments I wanted to throw into my music as well but to still keep it a pop record was a very challenging thing to do, but it’s possible. So, we threw in some soul, some alternative, a little bit of rhythmic elements just to make it my own and make it unique.

Tommy2: And speaking of the learning thing, now that you’re out on the road what’s something, like a takeaway, something you learned now that you’re out on the road that you didn’t ever realize before?

Olivia Holt: I’m a much better packer now, because packing for a whole month and living on a bus is definitely very different than coming home to my house every day, and keeping clean as much as I possible can and staying on schedule. I’ve learned a lot about that, that you have to be organized and prepared for anything.

Tommy2: And right now we’re taking a break with music, but what’s the future look like for you in terms of your acting?

Olivia Holt: I don’t know know? You know, I’m hoping to work on some really cool, great, empowering, and projects that will move me in a positive direction and impact me as a human being and as an individual and as a creator and an artist. I just hope that I can keep on working on movies and maybe TV in the future as well again. And we’ll see where it takes me, but right now my main focus is on music.

Tommy2: Alright, and how about you close us out with maybe like a message of hope?

Olivia Holt: I think one thing that I would probably tell myself within the past couple of years is to not take things to seriously, to be silly and to embrace moments and to live your life as happy and fully as you possibly can because life is so short and so precious and there’s so many people that are going to come in and out of your life, but like take those people that support you and love you the best that they possibly can cause those are the core people in your life that are going to make you the happiest and that’s something that I’ve definitely learned.

Tommy2: Alright, well thanks so much for you time Olivia…

Olivia Holt: Thank you.

Tommy2: And it’s always been great to hear from you.

Olivia Holt: Thank you so much, good to see you.