Interview: Temecula Road

Tommy2: What’s up, it’s Tommy 2 and today we’re in Celebration, FL with Temecula Road who’s going to be on stage in about an hour with Jacob Whitesides. How you guys doing?

Emma Salute: Hi.

Dawson Anderson: Very good how are you

Maddie Salute: Good how are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing great, great to have you here. First off, let’s have you all introduce yourself and along with that tell us what you’re hoping to get this Christmas.

Emma Salute: Oh, go ahead.

Dawson Anderson: Go ahead.

Maddie Salute: I don’t know what I want.

Dawson Anderson: Oh god, okay, introduce yourself though.

Maddie Salute: I’m Maddie and I guess I want a dog for Christmas.

Dawson Anderson: What kind of dog?

Maddie Salute: A golden doodle.

Dawson Anderson: A golden doodle, I’m Dawson and I think what I want this Christmas is a cool watch.

Emma Salute: I’m Emma and I literally have nothing on my Christmas list. So I have no idea.

Tommy2: So whatever you get is good?

Emma Salute: Yes, whatever I get I’ll be happy with.

Dawson Anderson: Cause you ain’t getting anything! I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding.

Tommy2: So now why don’t you tell us how the band all started like from the very, very beginning.

Emma Salute: Yeah, so we actually met through a vocal coach. Maddie and I are sisters so we would go to her for about two or three years and then he came along and she introduced us so, yeah!

Tommy2: And since you guys are still high school age, how has the transition gone with you going from not being in a band to like touring and all of commitments that come with that?

Dawson Anderson: It’s been… it’s been really, really awesome and an amazing experience all around. But, it’s been kind of a weird change like you said, going from public schools and then you know forming this band and then I guess kind of like switching over into homeschooling and that kind of thing. So, it’s a change but it’s a really good change, but it’s a really good change and we’re really fortunate to be doing what we’re doing.

Tommy2: And do you guys still have time to hang out with your friends from high school?

Maddie Salute: We make time for it because I think it’s really important for us to have social lives. I mean, we’re really busy but we try to make time for it.

Dawson Anderson: Yeah, there’s a little bit of time.

Tommy2: And it seems like this year things really ramped up. You guys did a lot of shows all over the place. Out of those what would say would be the best experience you’ve had, like a special show or someone that you’ve met?

Emma Salute: Martina McBride for me, for sure!

Maddie Salute: Huh? That’s a good one.

Dawson Anderson: That is a good a good question.

Maddie Salute: I’d say Luke Bryan. We met him at CMA Fest and that was really cool, so.

Dawson Anderson: Yeah, I would probably say him as well just because he’s so big, like he’s a huge, huge celebrity. But he was so real with us and it was just amazing to see that you can have that much success but still be a really person and treat others with kindness. So, it’s kind of like… we want to be the same way when we’re, hopefully if we’re that big.

Maddie Salute: Everybody has been like awesome but him, yeah.

Dawson Anderson: Yeah, he stood out.

Tommy2: Outside of those name what are the other the other names that you guys look for to as like aspirations and who you would consider like role models?

Maddie Salute: Yeah, I’d say Dan + Shay. I really like them and just, I like their fan base. Just everything about them.

Dawson Anderson: Super nice guys, great music as well. I would say them and then Thomas Rhett is super cool. I love his style and I love his music. I think he’s awesome.

Emma Salute: And I would say Carrie Underwood and again, Martina McBride.

Tommy2: And now, outside of the big acts, what acts have you seen that are at your level that you guys have opened your eyes? Like kind of a cool new act coming up.

Maddie Salute: Lacey Cavalier is really, really, really sweet. She’s awesome and she has great music so I love her.

Dawson Anderson: She is amazing! There’s theses two guys that who are really young, fifteen and twelve. CB30 and they’re like really good friends of ours and we’ve actually met them through music and what not but there super awesome and really, really cool guys.

Tommy2: What’s it like to finally have music out there that people can buy?

Maddie Salute: It’s really cool to see all the tweets and Instagram posts and everything. Like people are tweeting us saying this song is great. Their buying it on iTunes and listening to it on Radio Disney/Radio Disney Country. So, it’s awesome to hear everybody tweeting all of us.

Dawson Anderson: Yeah, and it’s cool too because everyone’s always like, do you have music we can buy and we’re like yes, go get it – Closer on iTunes.

Tommy2: And of course, there always going to want more so is there any music that we might be able look forward to in the future?

Dawson Anderson: There is!

Maddie Salute: Yes, beginning next year we will have a single out, so.

Tommy2: So another single’s coming?

Dawson Anderson: Another single’s coming out. This is an original song this time though. Our first original.

Tommy2: And as far as next year goes, with touring and things like that do you guys have any plans that we can hear about yet or is it kind of… more dates.

Dawson Anderson: Yeah, there’s more stuff coming up. Just stayed tuned.

Tommy2: Alright, well thanks so much for your time and I’ll look forward to the show.

Emma Salute: Thank you.

Dawson Anderson: Thank you so much.

Maddie Salute: Thanks for yours, thanks for having us. Thank you.