Interview: Forever In Your Mind

Tommy2: What’s up, it’s Tommy2 and today we’re stopping by Olivia Holt’s Rise Of A Phoenix Tour to talk with opening act Forever In Your Mind. How you guys doing?

Forever In Your Mind: Good!

Tommy2: Great to hear. First off, let’s go through and have you introduce yourself and why don’t give us a fun fact. How about, what fragrance your wearing today?

Ricky Garcia: Alright, I’m Ricky and I’m wearing Suavage by Dior.

Emery Kelly: I’m Emery and I’m wearing Ralph Lauren.

Liam Attridge: I’m Liam and I have like six things that I wear and I’m trying to remember what I put on today? I think I just have on Axe today.

Tommy2: Alright, keeping it simple.

Ricky Garcia: And we are Forever In Your Mind!

Liam Attridge: Forever In Your Minds fragrance is…