Interview: Chloe East

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and today we’re being joined by Chloe East who stars in the new Marvista film, Jessica Darling’s It List. Chloe how are you doing?

Chloe East: I’m doing great. How are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing awesome. Now what I want to know is have you recovered from the big premiere last night?

Chloe East: I slept in so late today. Like, I woke up at 10 o’clock so I think I’m now well rested but it was really an awesome night and definitely, oh my gosh! I could not wake up this morning for the life of me, it was so hard.

Tommy2: Well, it must’ve been real fun. Now, what was it like to be back together with the cast and Debby Ryan?

Chloe East: Oh my gosh! It is so amazing to see everyone. It’s like a big giant reunion to see everyone. Honestly, everyone on the set is best friends with everyone. We still go out to eat together and seeing Debby too was amazing because I haven’t seen her in quite awhile I would say and it’s always just so fun. Everyone was so sweet. It’s really amazing to see everyone.

Tommy2: And why don’t you describe the role Debby Ryan played in this project and how much was she involved in the process?

Chloe East: Well Debby is the Executive Producer on this film and I actually met her and I actually met her in ADR for the film. I was just doing ADR and I didn’t expect her to come in and then she walked in and it was really cool because we got to chat for a long time and she’s honestly so nice and complimentary and it was just amazing to see her at the premiere and I also saw her at Mark & Russell’s Wild Ride premiere which is really fun too. And she’s contributed so much and you can tell that her heart is really into this project.

Tommy2: Okay, now why don’t you give us a quick overview of the new film?

Chloe East: So, Jessica Darling’s It List is about Jessica going through her middle school stages and she kind of gets tossed and turned through the It List that her sister Bethany gives her and honestly you can see Jessica from the beginning of the movie very authentic and true to herself. And in the middle of the movie just to be completely lost with her friends and she doesn’t quite know who she is anymore. But at the end of the film it definitely comes all together and she finds her true self and it’s really amazing to see the progression of Jessica going through the beginning to the end of the film and I think everyone can take out something from this film for sure and definitely you can relate to this film tremendously. I feel like everyone who launched into Jr. High can definitely relate to something in this film.

Tommy2: And what’s your favorite memory from making the film?

Chloe East: Oh my gosh! My favorite memory, there are so many memories on the film. I remember just from Jacob (Melton) trying to prank us and then actually he tried to prank us with him eating yogurt in a mayonnaise jar which didn’t get me but here’s a prank that backfired. So he had a flower and he put pepper on it and he told everyone to smell it and I’m like, oh my gosh, that’ so classic, like no one is going to get it. So I go to blow it, thinking it’s going to blow towards him, but the winds picked up and the winds flew back into my eye and it totally backfired. I got pepper all in my eyes and it was stinging so bad, so that was definitely a traumatic memory. And there was also, you know just our lunch times together, so much fun just going in my trailer. And there was also a turtle in one of the school rooms that we filmed in and it was really cool looking at the turtles and naming them and having fun. It was just such an amazing experience and everyone, I miss seeing everyone. I love everyone on the set so much.