Interview: Ronni Hawk – Stuck In The Middle

Tommy2: How’s it’s going, it’s Tommy2 and checking in with us today we’ve got Ronni Hawk from Disney Channel’s new show Stuck In The Middle. How are you doing?

Ronni Hawk: I’m good, thank you! How are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing great! Now, summer is just around the corner and what I was curious about is, what’s one of your favorite summer activities?

Ronni Hawk: My favorite summer activity. I love to go tubing on my boat with all of my friends.

Tommy2: Now is this a peaceful kind of tubing or is the kind where you try to kill the person behind the boat?

Ronni Hawk: Umm… it’s the kind where you try to kill the person behind the boat.

Tommy2: So we might say that’s one of your greatest survival skills that you have acquired is saving yourself behind the boat?

Ronni Hawk: Absolutely!

Tommy2: And do your friends share the love for it that you do?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, we all love to do it. My dad will take us out on the boat and we’ll do it for hours upon hours.

Tommy2: Alright, that sounds like a lot of fun. Now something else this summer that we’re looking forward to is Disney Channel’s 100th Original Movie, Adventures in Babysitting. Looking back, what are some of your favorite Disney Channel Original movies?

Ronni Hawk: Honestly, it really loved High School Musical.

Tommy2: Okay, and just a few months ago, Disney Channel premiered the first episode of Stuck In The Middle. What has it been like to see the show go from nothing, to a program that is part of their regular lineup?

Ronni Hawk: It’s crazy! I mean I was a part of the original pilot and we didn’t even know if it was going to get picked up and that it was going to be legitimate. But then all of a sudden they recast it, it got picked up, we started shooting and then it just started going on TV and it just… it’s amazing! Like it feels unreal.

Tommy2: Now before we get into talking about the series, why don’t you share with us your career path and what brought you to where you are today.

Ronni Hawk: Well, I was twelve years old when I started modeling in Florida. And then an acting workshop came up with two acting coaches coming down from L.A. And so I went and they were like, hey why don’t you come to L.A. and we’ll try to help you find an agent and everything? So then my mom and I started sending out emails to agents and we set up meetings and then I went out and I signed with XXXXX and then I started working.

Tommy2: So you grew up in Florida?

Ronni Hawk: Yes, I’m originally from Del Rey Beach, FL.

Tommy2: And I also here that you were very involved in dancing too?

Ronni Hawk: Yes, I actually used to go to Bak Middle School of the Arts and I used to dance eight hours a day.

Tommy2: So you’re probably a little bit better than the dancing you do with your dad on Stuck In The Middle.

Ronni Hawk: Yes, I’m much better.

Tommy2: Do you find that kind of funny that you’ve had on screen time with him dancing?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, I think it’s funny but Rachel’s not a good dancer, so it’s like I just do silly dance and I enjoy doing that. It’s fun.

Tommy2: Well, what do you enjoy the most about Stuck In The Middle and your character Rachel?

Ronni Hawk: I’m enjoying that she’s becoming more rounded and people are going to get to see heartfelt moments with her.

Tommy2: What similarities to you share with Rachel?

Ronni Hawk: Some similarities I share with Rachel. Well, we both have a lot of siblings and we like to get a lot of attention from our parents.

Tommy2: Is it anyway possible you text as much as she does?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, definitely. Yeah!

Tommy2: In the most recent episode you had some choice lines and I wanted to get your take on them. Such as zip it and sit or we’ll miss the crying. Are you more into emotional movies or you like action movies?

Ronni Hawk: I love action movies. My mom loves like heartfelt movies, so when we have movie night she’ll be like let’s watch this and I’m like no, no I want to watch something with a little action and she has sat through many action movies with me.

Tommy2: One thing I enjoyed reading about you is that you want to use your platform to do some good in the world and that you’re involved with the Thirst Project. Why don’t tell us about the organization and how you got involved?

Ronni Hawk: Okay, well I told my publicist that I was huge into environmentalism and they were like, you know what? We will help you find a charity and they did and it’s called The Thirst Project and I was like this is absolutely amazing. And The Thirst Project gives like basic rights to people by giving them clean water. Like people deserve that and it’s amazing what they’re doing.

Tommy2: I’m sure you’re promoting this on your social media. What are your best ways of getting in touch with you via social media.

Ronni Hawk: Well, my favorite thing to do is Instagram but I’m also on Twitter and Facebook and everything online is just ronnihawk.

Tommy2: Alright, we’ll definitely look for that. And now since you’ve been with Disney Channel have you gotten the chance to experience some amazing things you know like the red carpets or anything fun like that you could tell us about?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, I recently went to the RDMA’s. That was so much fun.

Tommy2: And was there a performance you enjoyed the most?

Ronni Hawk: I loved watching Ariana Grande. She was so talented and just amazing during her performance.

Tommy2: And of course I have to ask, you know with actresses there’s always that path of being a singer. Would you ever be interested in something like that?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, absolutely! I would be.

Tommy2: So in addition to your dancing, do you have some singing in your background too?

Ronni Hawk: Yeah, well I don’t have it in my background, but I recently started and I’m just trying out, like acting.

Tommy2: Well, we’ll definitely have to be looking forward to that. Are there any projects you’re involved with now that you could tell us in terms of acting?

Ronni Hawk: Well, I just finished season one and so I just decided to fly down to Florida and just hang out with my family for a little while.

Tommy2: And have a summer full of tubing.

Ronni Hawk: Yes, absolutely!

Tommy2: Sounds like a plan to me. Alright, well Ronni thanks so much for your time today and we’ll just keep looking forward to the future and of course, Stuck In The Middle. You take care now.

Ronni Hawk: Thank you! Bye.