Interview: Mitchel Musso talks about his new CD, touring this summer, Hannah Montana and more!

Tommy2: Hey what’s up guys – it’s Tommy2 and today we’ve got a very special guest. It’s Mitchel Musso here to talk about his new self-titled album. Mitchel – how you doin’ man?

Mitchel Musso: I’m doing good man, how are you.

Tommy2: Doing great! Now tomorrow your debut album comes out. What are some of the emotions running through your head right now.

Mitchel Musso: I guess a little nervous, and I usually never get nervous. But this is a big point for me because it’s not some show that was developed to be a success. It’s like ME being an artist and creating my own – like a little baby here and seeing if it does well ya know. It’s definitely nerve wracking.

Tommy2: Well so far it’s done pretty well with the singles you’ve had.

Mitchel Musso: Yeah… no, I mean it’s definitely been great and a roller coaster, but having a self-titled album and being a solo artist it’s definitely nerve wracking because it feels like it’s all up to me.

Tommy2: Now just to get caught up, I was digging through the news at Tommy2 and found a write up about your first music debut at the Universal City Walk on July 4th in 2007 where you sang Let’s Go. Looking back can you believe what’s happened since then?

Mitchel Musso: Ughh, no actually and it’s been a lot – but at the same time it’s definitely been all for the good. And I’ve been so blessed, it’s crazy and it definitely has been a roller coaster, but a fun one for sure.

Tommy2: Now I’ve been listening to the album and I couldn’t help but notice that radical change in sound with it having a lot more of a rock edge to it. What acts have you been listening to lately that are a big influence to you.

Mitchel Musso: Ugh, let’s see… I’ve actually been listening to a little bit of KISS. My choreographer – even though that my shows aren’t really choreographed, he’s more of like what would you say? He’s the guy that runs everything who pretty much lets you know when the sounds good, runs all the volumes and you know for mic. check. But he’s a huge KISS fan and he actually was in a band and he toured with KISS for a little bit and that’s his all time favorite band. So, he’s been showing me a lot of them lately so, and they’re really rock ‘n roll and a little bit of Metro Station cause I’ve still got that electronic vibe-ish and you know and a good amount of rap.

Tommy2: You’ve got a couple of your own songs that you wrote including Shout It and How To Lose A Girl. Do those ones feel a little more special to you?

Mitchel Musso: I mean it all depends… ses because it was my creativity but I like a lot of the other songs that producers produce. You know I don’t have a problem with the whole like, you know how a lot of people are like ‘Oh when you’re your own artist you write your own stuff’. And I get that completely, but at the same time isn’t it better to have more ideas floating around than just yourself. Like I trust myself and I feel like I have a pretty good sense in direction and everything like that but, you know I think everybody needs a little guidance, needs an ear and another brain on the task… you know what I mean. But actually my favorite song off my album is a duet, Us Against The World and it’s my favorite song. I feel like it’s got the most uh, it’s kind of a dark vibe but at the same time it’s a really upbeat like uh, I would say a happy song. You know what I mean it’s all about getting Us Against The World and having someone with you to go through it together and just the fans all together. And I think the girls voice, her name’s Katelyn Tarver – she’s like unbelievable, so it was awesome getting her on the track.

Tommy2: I’ve heard your gonna be touring with your brothers band. Is that looking like it’s gonna happen?

Mitchel Musso: Ugh, it is – it is and I don’t have any like official dates set in stone yet, but I do know it’s going to be in the summer and it will be around July and hopefully it all works out but right now we’re scheduled to do you know quite a few shows together. And I’m real, real excited because that’s always been my dream. My older brother is my role model and pretty much my everything, you know what I mean – who I look up to for anything and go to for all sorts of advice and also with the music. He was the first person I showed my album to and I asked I guess what he thought about it, so…

Tommy2: You think we’re going to see him up on stage for Shout It possibly?

Mitchel Musso: Ugh, I think that’s probably a possibility. Supposedly me and Mason were talking the other day and were like ‘yo when we go on tour we’re going to have I guess bring our keyboards and our computers and edit songs on the road and play them like after the show and be just like yo, you know maybe an encore and be like we wrote this last night’. You know me, Trace, Mason just mess around on the road. I’m real, real excited to see how it all goes.

Tommy2: That seems like definitely something the fans will want to check out.

Mitchel Musso: I hope so!

Tommy2: I know your still shooting new episodes of Hannah Montana during the week. What are you excited about in the upcoming season – without giving away any spoilers.

Mitchel Musso: Ooh, ummm…. let’s see here. Are you talking about like fourth season or third season?

Tommy2: Fourth

Mitchel Musso: Ooh, fourth. See I don’t know if I can give anything away and I’m also not sure everybody is sure about what we are giving away. It’s all still up in the air, seeing what’s going to happen, but as fourth season goes… ooooh, I’m not sure. I mean, I guess the end of the third season, what I was excited about at the last episode is this diabetes episode that actually got pulled off-the-air and wasn’t allowed to be aired. So we had to re-shoot it and uh, I had cut my hair and dyed it black – so my hairs completely different. So I had to put in extensions and like weaves and stuff into my hair to get my old hair back to reshoot this. And, it’s kind of rough but at the same time I was excited and that’s going to be the last episode that they air. And I’m excited about that one – that’s what it’s all about. We’re bringing the diabetes episode back so.

Tommy2: That’s cool to hear because I remember reading about it back in November and then right before it was supposed to happen – boom, it just disappeared.

Mitchel Musso: Yes sir.

Tommy2: Before we go, I made a note to mention that you’ve gotta be one of the most active teen stars on Twitter and one of the ones that I like to follow. Do you think that’s an important tool to help you connect with fans?

Mitchel Musso: I think it’s important to if they want to hear it you know everybody is always asking ‘what are you doing?’ So I’m like – I’m going to tell them. It’s not like I’m going to avoid it. That’s the only reason… if nobody asked, I wouldn’t say anything. But everybody wants to know and I love to talk back, I like to hear what they’re thinking, what they’re doing because you know those are my people, those are all the fans, those are all the friends that come to the shows that share the music and share the art and work together. So definitely try to keep everybody posted and updated on what’s going on.

Tommy2: All 103,000 of them huh… can you believe it?

Mitchel Musso: Yeah, well we… they’ve definitely been coming in and it’s been really, really cool. They’ve all been wonderful.

Tommy2: Yeah and I think it’s a great resource to find out about your shows and what you’re up to…

Mitchel Musso: Yeah, that’s the other thing. It’s like when my album drops I’m going to want to know how people feel. All I gotta do is be like ‘yo, everybody whatcha… did you anybody get the album and what you thinking.’ You know what I mean?

Tommy2: Well Mitchel thanks for checking in today

Mitchel Musso: Alright my man, absolutely.

Tommy2: Yeah, and I’m expecting some great number from Soundscan and wish you the best with your new album.

Mitchel Musso: Oh I hope so. Thank you very much man.

Tommy2: Take care brother

Mitchel Musso: Alright, you too.


You can follow Mitchel Musso on Twitter – @mitchelmusso