Interview: Gavin MacIntosh – The Fosters

Tommy2: Hey, it’s Tommy2 and this afternoon we’re being joined by Gavin MacIntosh from ABC Families drama, The Fosters. So Gavin how you doing today?

Gavin MacIntosh: I’m doing great. How are you doing?

Tommy2: I’m doing awesome! Just got back from a great bike ride with some friends. Now for a lot of teens in the U.S. – today is the first day of Spring Break and I was wondering what would your ideal Spring Break vacation include?

Gavin MacIntosh: Well, I’m not sure if it’s snowing now but I’d like to go up to Lake Tahoe and go skiing.

Tommy2: That sounds good to me!

Gavin MacIntosh: Yeah, right! Get away from the hot weather here in L.A.

Tommy2: And you’re very active in terms of outdoor activities, what are some of your favorites?

Gavin MacIntosh: My favorite outdoor activity would have to be skateboarding. I try to skateboard every single day – that, and you know I play soccer quite a bit when ever I have time.

Tommy2: And you’ve managed to stay safe with the skateboarding?

Gavin MacIntosh: Uhh, yeah! (Laughter) The other day I actually fell pretty bad and my arms are pretty messed up here.

Tommy2: Comes with the territory right?

Gavin MacIntosh: Yes!

Tommy2: One thing that happened to stand out when I was looking over your bio, is after High School it said you plan on attending Dental School. So what’s the story, where did that interest come from?

Gavin MacIntosh: Well, my parents kind of proposed the idea to me and whenever I was little I used to kind of go into the Dentist office and look at all the equipment and stuff and I’d always been interested in it. I never thought about making a career in it, but when my parents proposed the idea and I was like – that’s an awesome idea, Dentists are respected and they make a decent salary, so yeah, I’ll pick that career.

Tommy2: And that’s a business that’s never going to go out of business right?

Gavin MacIntosh: That’s true, everyone’s always going to need dental work.

Tommy2: Okay, lets move on to The Fosters. So how did you land your role on the show?

Gavin MacIntosh: Well, you know I auditioned for Jude originally and you know I went in and got a couple of call backs and they just didn’t really fit the role for Jude so they wrote me in for Connor and you know my best friend landed Jude and got the role and that character is pretty accurate.

Tommy2: And The Fosters seems to be more than just an entertainment show because it brings a lot of attention to important issues. How do you feel about that?

Gavin MacIntosh: Well, The Fosters has tackled so many issues like discrimination and gays and bi’s and just all that is labled as gay or straight, whatever you are it really doesn’t matter and I think The Fosters really tackles those issues and tries to get rid of discrimination and you know, Teen Suicide, I don’t know if you know this, it is the second leading cause death among young people ages 10 through 20 and lesbian, gay and bi-sexual youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their straight peers.

Tommy2: And your character Connor has been with the series since the beginning, who in the cast do you enjoy the most?

Gavin MacIntosh: Oh, that’s hard to say I enjoy working with all of them but I probably spend the most time on the set Hayden who is my best friend on and off screen.

Tommy2: Now your character got a lot of attention in the episode when you painted you nails. Why don’t share about what happened on The Fosters and what followed with the GoBlueForJude trending topic?

Gavin MacIntosh: Well, the nail scene from season one, that was kind of the beginning of the relationship between those two. It was like, it was a very physical moment and that pretty much launched their friendship.

Tommy2: Previously you had been on some other shows, why don’t you share with us about the other TV shows we may have seen you on?

Gavin MacIntosh: As of now The Fosters is kind of the biggest show that I have been in at the moment but, I’ve been in a couple independent films that went to Cannes France, and a couple spots here and there. But The Fosters is definitely my breakout role.

Tommy2: Now as acting something you always wanted to get into when you were growing up.

Gavin MacIntosh: It kind of was, when I was younger my mom got me into theater and I’ve always been a little bit reserved… a little shy, you could say. So when she got me into theater that kind of broke me out of my shell I guess when I was younger so I got an agent and I started acting from there and it is definitely something I wanted to do lately, it’s very interesting.

Tommy2: Definitely, before we check out here, let’s go over your Social Media accounts. Give us the run down.

Gavin MacIntosh: Yeah, my Instagram is @theGavinMacIntosh and my Twitter is just my name @GavinMacIntosh.

Tommy2: And on the topic of Social Media, I’m curious – what is it like on you, like Twitter account on Monday night when the show airs, is it pretty crazy?

Gavin MacIntosh: It’s pretty crazy. We get so many questions from people all across the world and it’s very interesting to hear fan stories and the people that the show has effected, they will respond to me on Twitter and tell me their stories and I enjoy reading them all and just, it’s really a eye opening experience to see how many people that The Fosters has effected so, you know every time I lifestream on Monday, you know, it’s always great to see that.

Tommy2: And prior to your work on the show, did you ever see the potential that Twitter has?

Gavin MacIntosh: Honestly no, I didn’t even use Twitter, I don’t think I even had Twitter before the show. I started up around the time I got on The Fosters so, I really had no idea the impact that it has.

Tommy2: Gavin, thanks so much for taking the time for us today. I definitely had a great time hearing what you had to share. You take care now.

Gavin MacIntosh: Alright, thank you so much.