Interview: Brooke Sorenson

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and today we’re being joined by actress and singer Brooke Sorenson who can be seen on many popular television programs. Brooke how’s it going?

Brooke Sorenson: I’m great! How are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing awesome. Now, let’s start off this by hitting on your acting – 2015 is off to an amazing start for you. Why don’t run down the shows that you’ve recently had roles on.

Brooke Sorenson: Oh, well my most recent role is… I play Tammy on Modern Family and Tammy, she lives next door to the Dunphy’s, my family does. It’s me and then my Dad is played by Steve Zahn and my Mom is played by Andrea Anders and we’re kind of the tacky family that moves in next door and we cause a lot of trouble for the Dunphy’s. But yeah, that’s my most recent role and then I’m also recurring on Mighty Meds as Stephanie and Stephanie’s kind of your typical mean girl, she’s also the love interest of the main character Kaz, and then I’m also reoccurring on the Thundermans on Nickelodeon as Madison. I’ve done two or three episodes and I don’t think they’ve all aired yet. But, I’m the head cheerleader on the cheerleading squad and I cause lots of… lots of problems for the main character Phoebe. So yeah, and then I have an episode of Austin & Ally coming out airing very soon at the end of March I believe. So I’m very excited for that too.

Tommy2: And since it seems like you’re playing mean girls, do you enjoy that?

Brooke Sorenson: I do enjoy it actually, it’s really fun you kind of get any anger you have off out on TV and everyone says I’m so different from my characters. They’re like how do you play these like mean characters on TV it’s weird, and I’m like I don’t know – but it’s fun. It’s fun to cause problems and be really sassy on TV, I like it.

Tommy2: And what was your path like, making it out to LA to become an actress?

Brooke Sorenson: Well I’m from North Carolina and I moved out here four years ago and yeah, we made the move for acting and you gotta be out here cause I decided I really wanted to be involved in TV and, you you know I had done theater in North Carolina and I kind of wanted to transition from just theater and commercials to TV stuff. So, it was a big change from North Carolina to LA but I’m loving it and I wouldn’t go back to North Carolina, I just really miss my family from North Carolina but other than that I love it out here and I’m really happy.

Tommy2: And of course most importantly you’re keeping busy.

Brooke Sorenson: Yeah, yeah… exactly yeah. So busy, there’s always something to do in LA. That’s what I love about LA, there’s just always something going on.

Tommy2: Okay, now just like several others, in addition to acting you have a passion for music. When did you get the bug to pursue doing your own music?

Brooke Sorenson: Oh, well I… I discovered my passion for acting when I started off in theater, and I did musical theater too, so I realized how much I loved singing as well and I started singing Broadway tunes and then I was like you know what I want to sing Pop stuff like Taylor Swift. And, you know… she’s kind of one of mine… my style of music is kind of like Taylor Swift, especially the new song that I have coming out. But, I don’t currently write my own songs yet, but the two songs I have out are written by a friend of my Mom’s and she, she really, she writes songs and sells them to movies and she came to me to sing these songs and I had to do them because they were just, I loved the meaning behind both of them. But yeah, I love singing just as much as I love acting.

Tommy2: Okay, well let’s talk about that first single you had, No Ordinary Sky. Tell us what that song is about and what it was like to record it?

Brooke Sorenson: Okay, yeah… No Ordinary Sky is about this girl, she’s feeling lonely and kind of bored you know, wanting something to come into her life and jazz it up a little bit and she meets a guy. So that’s it’s No Ordinary Sky for her because it’s a boy that’s come into her life and so that’s kind of what the songs about. And what I really like about it is that it’s got a mystical vibe going on in the music video, like it’s really, I’m in this really, this long flowing dress and in the woods and I love the feel that the song has. So it was really fun to record that and get into the recording studio, that was the first time I had been in the recording studio actually – filming No Ordinary Sky. So that was, that was really fun and exciting.

Tommy2: And that music video you mentioned, that turned out phenomenal. Were you shocked to see the finished product when it all came together?

Brooke Sorenson: Yeah, the director – he was amazing and he had just all these brilliant ideas and he was just really speaking my language when we had our first meeting about the music video. And he just did these amazing things with the sky and we went to this cliff and it looked over so much of LA and he did these amazing things with the sky. I was just really blown away by his work and I was really proud of the way it turned out.