Interview: Paris Smith – Every Witch Way

Tommy2: How’s it’s Tommy2 and today we’re being joined by Paris Smith of Nickelodeon’s Every Witch Way. So Paris, what’s up?

Paris Smith: Hey! Not much, just kind of chillin’, but I’m really excited about Season 3 and I hope the fans are loving it. So yeah… how are you doing?

Tommy2: I’m doing great! Now Season 3 is underway, it premiered earlier this month. But before we talk too much about the new season why don’t you give a brief description of the show for people who haven’t checked it out yet.

Paris Smith: Yeah, of course! Every Witch Way is about this new girl named Emma Lonzo and she moves to a new school where she meets her best friend Andy who’s a little bit more of a Tom Boy and she also meets Daniel who plays my boyfriend and I’m Maddie. And Maddie does not like Emma because Emma is you now, getting all up in her guy and Maddie definitely does not like that. And Maddie can be a little bit bossy and a little bit mean sometimes. But, Emma and Maddie both find out that they are witches, so that becomes a big rivalry for them and there’s a lot of spells and a lot of magic and many effects that happens and there becomes this love triangle with Emma, Daniel, and Maddie. And that’s basically what happens in season one.

And then in season two, Maddie becomes more vulnerable and she loses her powers because Ursula her mother takes them from her. So that is a big no, no for Maddie. So Maddie kind of goes through this change of like, you know she’s feeling a little bit more vulnerable and she doesn’t really know who she can trust, but she has this emotional breakdown and she finds Diego, who’s one of the characters and he’s a Kanay which basically means that he can control natural effects like water, or ice, or he can make tornados. He can do anything that’s with natural elements and him and Maddie become really good friends and he really helps Maddie and brings out this different side of her that people really haven’t seen before.

And then in season three, there’s a lot of drama. We filmed at a new location this season, the Beachside Seven, and that was so much fun filming. I love going to the beach you know just on my personal time, you know in Los Angeles I love going to the beach, but the Miami beaches are amazing. The water is so crystal blue it’s insane! And there’s a new character named Mia who comes and she definitely wants to stir the pot and she’s definitely mischievous and she gets involved with Daniel a little bit, so this season people kind of find out she’s a Kanay. So, that’s definitely a huge moment… especially for Diego because it’s the first Kanay, cause he though he was the last Kanay living and then he finds out that he’s not. So, it’s going to be interesting for the fans to see what happens with that. And also lastly, Maddie gets involved with Emma a bit more this season. She gets stuck in a janitors closet with her so you’re gonna have to find out what happens with that and there is a lot of special effects that go into those scenes as well.

Tommy2: Okay, and how about telling us more about your character Maddie and maybe like the things you enjoy about her?

Paris Smith: I love my character Maddie, she’s such a fun role to play. She’s a huge fashionista, she loves fashion, and me personally, I love fashion too. One of my goals in life is to actually have my own fashion line. So, I love fashion and you know Maddie can be a little bit, you know, sassy, to put it nicely sometimes but, definitely I’m sassy but I definitely can’t be as mean as she can be sometimes. So that’s a difference, and I love using my imagination to bring that side of her and it was definitely a challenge at the beginning but I kind of got the hang of it and as the seasons went on it just became a little bit easier and she’s definitely a loyal friend to Diego and the Panthers. And she becomes a little bit more of a loyal friend towards Emma this season you know? There not really so much enemies, they kind of learn to accept each other… they kind of learn to agree to disagree kind of thing, so I love playing Maddie and I love her wardrobe.

Tommy2: And since you’re portraying a cheerleader as well, we’ve got get your pick for the upcoming Super Bowl. Who’s gonna win, the Patriots or Seahawks.

Paris Smith: I think the Patriots are going to win. Honestly, I’m such a big Patriots fan. I’m… actually, my Mom’s from the East Coast so I’m definitely a Raven’s fan at heart. But I think the Patriots are going to win.

Tommy2: Okay, now getting back to the cast and everything, since this is the third season you guys have probably grown quite a bit together. Are there any special routines or things you enjoy to do with them?

Paris Smith: Well, every week we have a table read for two episodes at a time and we… at the table reads, we’re just crazy. We’re laughing, we’re talking, it’s so much fun and I love being on set with my cast and after we film, especially at the beach we would just go chill…
you know, go see a movie, go out to dinner. You know, just have fun and we would just hangout and chill sometimes and listen to music and you know it definitely was a lot of fun and I love seeing them every single day and always talking in hair and makeup and stuff.

Tommy2: Now looking at the calendar I noticed were basically two months away from Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.

Paris Smith: Yes!

Tommy2: How much are you looking forward to that?

Paris Smith: I am so looking forward to that, I cannot wait. Last year, we went to the Kids’ Choice Awards and that was one of the funnest moments of my life for 2014, I definitely remember that and I loved flying there with my cast you know and just being there. It was so much fun and I loved… I met Ariana Grande at the Kids’ Choice Awards last year and she’s one of my biggest idols so that was definitely a huge moment for me and hopefully I’ll get to see her again at this one. So, I’m really excited.

Tommy2: And are you the kind of person that would liked to get slimed or you want to be as far away from the slime as possible?

Paris Smith: Oh I totally want to get slimed, I am all for getting down and dirty and getting in that slime you know? I am all for it as long as it’s pink, it has to be pink slime, I don’t do green.

Tommy2: Okay… a few years back you released some singles on iTunes. What are you up to these days in regards to singing and music?

Paris Smith: I’m definitely keeping up with my singing career and this year for 2015, I definitely want to pursue that a little bit more and you know maybe release some more stuff. But I definitely have been keeping up with it, it’s just been a little bit hard because of being back and forth to Florida for filming, so it’s been a little hard but I definitely want to release some new stuff this year.

Tommy2: And I know this a hard one answer, but what are some of your favorite songs on the radio right now?

Paris Smith: Oh, that is not a hard one to answer at all!

Tommy2: I like that!

Paris Smith: I am loving Ariana Grande right now. I love her new album, it’s amazing. I love Taylor Swift – Blank Space and Style. I love Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Umm… who else, Jealous by Nick Jonas and Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud. The list could go on and on, I have a big range for what I like for music but, I definitely all styles but my top person that I love right now is Ariana Grande.

Tommy2: Now aside from acting and music, one other thing I know you’re involved with is charities. Could you share a little bit about the causes that are important to you?

Paris Smith: Animals are a big thing that I love, I definitely want to do something for them and I definitely want to help out the animals. I was on the advisory board for the Shoe Crew, which is an organization that gives shoes to children in need, to underprivileged children. So I definitely so excited when I made the advisory board for that and I definitely want to help kids in need because I think that it’s really important and I think helping the animals is also a really big important thing as well, I mean I have two dogs of my own. Shout out to Bella and Lucy! But, I definitely want to help the animals and help the kids.

Tommy2: Last but not least, you’re totally in to the social networking.

Paris Smith: Yes!

Tommy2: So why don’t you give out the account names for your Twitter and Instagram?

Paris Smith: Of course! My Instagram is @pariwinky and Twitter is @parisstweets.

Tommy2: Sounds good. Paris, thanks so much for taking some time today and keep up the great work!

Paris Smith: Thank you so much for having me. Have a wonderful day.