Interview: Austin North – I Didn’t Do It

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and checking in with us today we’ve got Austin North, from the new Disney Channel original series, “I Didn’t Do It.” Austin, how are you?

Austin North: Good, it’s good to be here. Sunny California, I’m looking out the window right now and my dogs are asleep. So, it’s good!

Tommy2: I’m jealous, I have to say that. I think it’s -6 where I am right now.

Austin North: Oh man… I’ll try not to rub it in.

Tommy2: Okay, now since you’re somewhat of a newcomer here, there’s a bunch of facts we need to cover – so let’s start off with a big one – you’re prediction for the Super Bowl. Broncos or Seahawks?

Austin North: Oh man, that… I mean, Peyton Manning, he’s clutch. I don’t know, he’s just so good that I think the Broncos will probably win it.

Tommy2: Alright, that’s a good pick. And just like many TV stars, you have some musical talents – specifically being a drummer. What type of kit do you have and who are some of favorite drummers?

Austin North: I have DW kit, I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s such an amazing kit – I love it. It’s one of those kids that will last me forever. And then my favorite drummers, I love Travis Barker, he’s just incredible. I like Buddy Rich as well. I follow some of these drummers that post covers on YouTube, like Cobus and some other drummers. So, yeah!

Tommy2: I hear you’re also into cars.

Austin North: Yes, I… oh my gosh, I’m very obsessed with cars. I actually got a car myself about six months ago and I just love it. I’m into like customizing it and stuff like that and me and my friend go to cars shows and it’s a good time.

Tommy2: Cool! You gotta tell us about this new car.

Austin North: It’s a Mustang, and it’s a Mustang GT and it’s got like a Roush package on it. It’s kind of like a special edition and yeah, I’ve been slowly customizing it. It’s fun.

Tommy2: Now how did get involved in acting?

Austin North: My sister, we lived in Georgia and she she signed up for this showcase where a bunch of Hollywood agents would be there and I didn’t know this, but she signed me up too. So, I ended up doing this open call audition just on the spot and I ended up getting into the showcase and I’m just like, alright, why not, I’ll try this out. So, I ended up doing the showcase and got some really good feedback and flew out to LA and met with some agents, and ended up signing with an agent. And you know, at first it was really tough just getting into the industry and stuff, but I just kept at it and kept persevering and eventually I just started to get some guest stars and then eventually a series regular.

Tommy2: Was that any bit of a dream for you or was this just something that just happened and it was like wow, we could go somewhere with this?

Austin North: It was, I mean I started doing Church plays when I was really young and I never thought about doing it professionally. It was just sort of like for fun, but then when I saw this could actually happen, I got super passionate about it and ever since then I’ve just been super passionate.

Tommy2: Okay, now in regards to “I Didn’t Do It.” Tell us everything from the audition to when the show got greenlit?

Austin North: Yeah, I just got a simple audition just like, you know, your normal audition with a casting director and it was a process, I had to go to like probably four or five callbacks and the last audition was with the networks, like with all the network at Disney and it was with Olivia actually we were auditioning together. That was a really fun experience, like I knew Olivia cause I was on “Kickin’ It,” so once I saw that me and her were auditioning together that was pretty cool. And then yeah, I ended up getting the call, and when I got it I was so ecstatic. And then we shot the pilot, six months later found out that it go picked up – that was just the most surreal thing ever and then we came together and started filming actually on the stage that Olivia used to be on, which is kind of funny. So she’s like wanting to switch dressing rooms. She could’ve kept her old room but she wanted to change it up. And then, we just started filming episodes and then before you know it, one year later it’s on Disney Channel. Pretty crazy!

Tommy2: Definitely! Now in real life, are kind of laid back like you’re character Logan?

Austin North: Oh for sure! Yeah, I really relate to my character. Yeah, he’s laid back, he’s kind of like wants things to work themselves out and I kind of do that too. He’s a fun character to play, I have a blast with him.

Tommy2: And how about your co-stars do they share much in common with their characters on the show?

Austin North: Yeah, definitely! Like Peyton… Peyton Clark, he’s basically his character on the show. Everybody is super like their character, it’s pretty crazy.

Tommy2: And since Olivia was familiar with the area you guys are shooting, was she kind of like the leader of what to do and where to go between break times and things like that?

Austin North: Yeah, there’s some cool spots that we sometimes go to, like during our lunch break there’s like a little balcony up on top of the roof that we sometimes go to. There’s like a basketball hoop behind the stage and, yeah, some cool little spots so we can walk around, get outside and get some sun. Stuff like that.

Tommy2: And you’re pretty big into basketball too, aren’t ya?

Austin North: Yeah, I mean I’m not like an NBA player, but I like pickup games with my friends and stuff like that. I like to… I just like sports, so anything active, I’m down.

Tommy2: So what exactly were you doing, last Friday when “I Didn’t Do It” premiered after the movie, “Cloud 9?”

Austin North: Oh yeah, well during the showing of “Cloud 9” and then right into “I Didn’t Do It” for like the West Coast, we were at the Disney building doing a live Twitter session during the showing of the show. We were just trying to get it out there to people to watch it and stuff like that and then after the viewing on the West Coast we went over to Piper’s house and she just had a bunch of people over and we just hung out and then watched it live at like 9:40, the California time and it was a good time, it was kind of surreal.

Tommy2: And how much has life changed on your social media accounts since then?

Austin North: Yeah, it’s just been getting… like ever since the show aired, I’ve been getting a lot of tweets. It’s just really cool to see all the support from fans and stuff like that. I try to ready every single one of my tweets or instagram comments and yeah, I just really appreciate all of the support.

Tommy2: Now why don’t go through and list all your official social accounts and tell us about your new website.

Austin North: Yeah, for sure. Everything is pretty simple, my Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are AustinNorth55. My Facebook fan page is AustinNorthFans, and then like you just said, I have a brand new website that just came up, just to keep you up to date on everything that I’m up to.

Tommy2: Does that 55 have a special meaning to you?

Austin North: I think that it was my very first email, like 12 years ago and it was my football number, so… ever since I made that email like 12 years ago its kind of stuck.

Tommy2: Well Austin, it’s been fun man – thanks so much for your time today, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing many more season renewals for “I Didn’t Do It,” right?

Austin North: Yes! Defintely, thanks for having me, it’s been fun.

Tommy2: You take care man!

Austin North: You too, see ya.