Interview: Olivia Holt – I Didn’t Do It

Tommy2: What’s up, it’s Tommy2 and this Friday, Disney Channel will be premiering their brand new original series “I Didn’t Do It,” and joining us this morning to talk about it we’ve got the star of the show Olivia Holt. So how are you doing?

Olivia Holt: I’m doing good! How are you?

Tommy2: I’m doing great myself. Now as the days countdown to the big premiere of “I Didn’t Do It,” what are your emotions like? Are you excited, nervous or a little bit of both?

Olivia Holt: I’m a little bit of both really. I’m more so excited because the cast and I have been working endlessly on trying to make the show the best it can be, and they’ve been nothing but an incredible joy as well as the crew, so we’re excited to see the final cut of all the episodes that have been shot so far.

Tommy2: And what’s the premise behind “I Didn’t Do It,” what’s it all about?

Olivia Holt: Yeah, basically the synopsis of the story is about my character Lindy and her fraternal twin brother, Logan, and their three best friends and how they make there way through high school and how they get themselves involved in all these crazy shenanigans and nutsy situations, and they just can’t seem to get themselves out of it. But, as long as they have each others backs
there’s nothing they can’t handle. And with each episode the very ending starts at the beginning and the rest is a flashback of how they didn’t do it. So it’s a really interesting show and I’m excited for everyone to see it.

Tommy2: How about giving a run down of who else is on the show?

Olivia Holt: Yeah, my fraternal show is played by Austin North, he plays Logan Watson. My best friend is played by Jasmine, her name is Piper Curda, and then we have Sarah Gilman who plays Delia, and Peyton Clark who plays Garrett. And, you know they’re this tight group of friends who, they’re all so different but I think that’s what makes them so special and what makes them drawn towards each other.

Tommy2: You mentioned Austin (North) there, he actually had small role on “Kickin’ It” a few years back. Was that a surprise when you found out you’d be working with him?

Olivia Holt: Oh, absolutely! I mean a few years back we would’ve never guessed we’d be playing brother and sister in a new Disney Channel series. So, it was definitely a shocker and surprise, but he’s so great and he’s also a joy to work with so I’m very, very fortunate that we get to work together again.

Tommy2: And in terms of the cast will you be having any special guest stars on the show as well?

Olivia Holt: Oh yeah, we’ve had a few. I’m still crossing my fingers that we get Reese Witherspoon. I love her so much!

Tommy2: And getting back to your character, is there anything that Lindy shares in common with the characters you’ve played in the past such as Kim or Skylar?

Olivia Holt: Yeah, you know Lindy’s very similar to both of them in an aspect where she’s very confident. Lindy’s very confident, she’s very intelligent, she’s very motivated and dedicated to everything she believes in.

Tommy2: And now in terms of fashion, how would you rank Lindy?

Olivia Holt: She has great fashion. She’s very sporty chic and I kind of like that about her, I’ve never really had a character who’s very girly, but at the same time can throw on just a cool letterman jacket. So, I really dig the fashion and every time I’m in wardrobe I just want to raid her closet because she has the cutest stuff.

Tommy2: And why don’t you tell us about how the show came together, like when you first found out about it and leading up to what it is now?

Olivia Holt: Right, we’ll working with Disney for like the last four years, they came to me with this script and I was really intrigued by it cause it was something different for me and the character was so new and different as well that I really was interested. And so I went in, I did and audition and of course the audio process took awhile, but I was really excited to find out that I did book it
and then we started shooting the pilot and then it just evolved from there.

Tommy2: And as well as acting on the show, you are also featured singing the theme song? You recorded that with Ben Charles right?

Olivia Holt: I did yeah, I did. He’s so great, such a solid dude and we had such a great time in the studio and I’m very grateful to be able to sing it because it goes perfectly with the show, and the opening credits are awesome.

Tommy2: And just to rewind a bit here, the last time we talked you were getting ready to premiere your song “Had Me @ Hello.” Were you surprised to see it take off like it did?

Olivia Holt: Oh absolutely! I mean, I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was and I also was… it was an unforgettable moment winning the RDMA, the Radio Disney Music Award for it and I’m so very grateful for that opportunity.

Tommy2: Do you have that proudly on display somewhere?

Olivia Holt: I do! It’s in my room, the entire thing.

Tommy2: The highest spot on the shelf right? With the light shining on it.

Olivia Holt: Yep! Big spotlight.

Tommy2: Now I know you’ve got a full plate right now, but are there plans for more music in the future?

Olivia Holt: Yes, there is – absolutely! I’ve been taking some time of definitely to work on this new show a little bit and trying to balance out everything can be really challenging, but I’m figuring it out. But I am working on new music of course and everyone’s been waiting so patiently and so I can’t thank them enough for that, but there will definitely be new music out there this year.

Tommy2: And outside of your acting, singing you’ve taken on quite the role of being a huge advocated for St. Jude Chidren’s Hospital. Why don’t you share a little bit about the experience you’ve had with them.

Olivia Holt: Honestly, it’s been such an amazing and humbling experience. When I was little I grew up knowing about the hospital and their mission to find cures, and it’s so unreal to me to be a part of something so beautiful and wonderful and I actually got the opportunity last year to design a t-shirt for their Christmas catalog. And I designed two big hearts on it, and it’s very colorful, and it just reminds me of St. Jude, having such a big heart, and the kids. There’s so much hope there and so much joy to them, and every time I go up there it just gets better and better. I feel so much happier, the kids really do make me smile.

Tommy2: And one thing I thought that was pretty amazing was for your 16th Birthday, you actually suggested to your fans that if they’re looking for a present to give to you – the best thing they could give you was by donating to the hospital.

Olivia Holt: Yeah, I mean everyone was so generous and they kept donating and it was just incredible. I couldn’t have asked for anything better for my 16th Birthday.

Tommy2: Now before we go here, I want remind everyone again that “I Didn’t Do It” premieres this Friday on Disney Channel. Olivia, thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to talk with us today.

Olivia Holt: Oh no, thank you! I had fun.