Interview: Megan and Liz

Tommy2: How’s it going, it’s Tommy2 and today we’re hanging out at the Mall of America with Megan and Liz who just finished performing a special acoustic set with a little tracked music as well for KDWB. So how are the two of you doing today?

Megan Mace: We’re doing awesome, he had so much fun on stage.

Liz Mace: I know, like how hard is it that our job means singing at the largest mall in america. I mean, what a bummer.

Megan Mace: It’s kind of awesome!

Tommy2: Actually the bummer is that you guys haven’t gotten to go shopping yet.

Megan Mace: I know… I gotta make time for that.

Liz Mace: Yeah, I think we’re going we’re going to try and squeeze in some shopping

Tommy2: A little earlier your flight was delayed, does that stuff bother you guys much or have you acclimated to that?

Megan Mace: I mean it’s definitely always on our mind, like oh what are we going to do if it’s delayed. But like today was especially bad just because by the time we got to the hotel we had 45 minutes to like… and like literally I hadn’t even showered yet. And so I had to like shower and be stage ready in 45 minutes and like I’m just a stress case when that happens. But like, it’s fine, like I got ready, I did it but like I’d rather not.

Tommy2: Part of this traveling is to get out their and promote your single, Release You. How’s that been going?

Megan Mace: Oh my gosh it’s been so much fun. This song is like probably one of my favorites that we’ve ever put out. It’s just like such a fun summer song, it’s just really like upbeat and I’m really proud of it.

Liz Mace: And it’s like so fun to perform and it’s crazy, it’s a new song. I mean it’s like a new era almost. So it’s like, it’s really cool!

Tommy2: About how long ago to you write and record that song?

Megan Mace: Oh that one, I’d say that one probably took like five or six hours?

Liz Mace: A good solid day in the studio for sure.

Megan Mace: It was just… I must just because it was these people who are so, you know high level it was very different cause you know they weren’t like oh that’s good enough. The were like no, we can beat it – no, we can beat it. So you know it did take a lot more time but like in the end it was definitely worth it.

<Liz Mace: Yeah.

Tommy2: And how long ago did you guys record it?

Megan Mace: This song was done in…

Liz: November.

Megan Mace: November. So we’ve had it like in our pockets like having to like not say anything about it for like so long.

Liz Mace: But you know we were waiting for like it to be you know like all… the details like all done you know with the song and then also you know the right timing for the song. Like it’s a very summer song so we wanted to release it in the summer.

Tommy2: But last time you guys were with me you could’ve told me about it.

Liz Mace: We could’ve…

Megan Mace: Oh yeah!

Liz Mace: Yeah, it was done and written so…

Megan & Liz: Yup!

Tommy2: And later this year you’ll be releasing your first full-length album. Is all wrapped up, or are you guys putting the finishing touches on it?

Liz Mace: It’s literally 95 percent done.

Megan Mace: Yeah we just did a song last week that was…

Liz Mace: Two songs last week.

Megan Mace: Yeah, two of the songs last week that are like, I think there’s still one or two more left, but yeah. So like it like 90…

Liz Mace: It’s all written it’s just like getting it and finishing…

Megan Mace: Polishing them off.

<Liz Mace: Yeah, like finishing details.

Tommy2: A few more oohs and aahs, right?

Megan Mace: Yes exactly!

Tommy2: And have you frozen the track list or is that set?

Liz Mace: It’s pretty set, yeah.

Megan Mace: We don’t have the order yet, like we keep changing that around but we have which ones are going on for sure.

Tommy2: And for people that don’t know, how much stress goes into setting the order just right?

Megan Mace: It’s awful because like you want it to flow but you kind of want it to tell a story also ,so like…. but it usually ends up being that the breakup songs are all slow, but you don’t want three slow songs in a row so then you end up having to break them up.

Liz Mace: Oh the struggles.

Megan Mace: It is…. but (laughter)

Tommy2: And how many songs will we officially get?

<Liz Mace: Um there’s eleven on the normal disc and there’s going to be deluxe edition’s floating around.

Tommy2: And this August, you two will be headed out on your first headlining tour presented by American Rag. The first thing I want to know is if you can hook me up some clothes?

Liz Mace: Oh!

Megan Mace: Oh you know it!

<Liz Mace: C’mon now American Rag maybe an American Rag gift card you know.

Megan Mace: Yeah.

Liz Mace: We’re actually going to be like giving them way like during the tour. Like
we’re like that’s part of it. We’re giving away on stage so every night we’ll giveaway gift cards.

Megan Mace: Yeah, it’s going to be really fun.

Tommy2: Good stuff! And you guys are going to be joined by Kalin and Myles for most of the dates, that should be a fun lineup.

Megan Mace: Yeah, we picked them just because they did open our show in LA and it fit really well. You know they’re like a DJ and like an upbeat boy group so they’re like complete opposite from us.

Liz Mace: Which is like good.

Megan Mace: Yeah, like opposites attract type thing and they’re like such sweet guys so we were like it’s perfect.

Liz Mace: Yeah, really good guys and like that like, were like this is our tour and we’re going to want somebody who’s going to represent us and our everything and they’re like awesome.

Tommy2: And keeping your girl fans happy.

Megan Mace: Yeah!

Liz Mace: Exactly! Yeah a little bit of eye candy for the girls who come out.

Tommy2: And you guys have been doing videos for Macy’s Great American Road Trip. In all honesty what’s been the best meal you’ve had.

Megan & Liz: Ooh!

Megan Mace: My favorite was the Crab Pot in Seattle like cause I had never had crab before so it was like so good.

Liz Mace: Oh my god! I would say that too. Like after the cameras were off we were sitting there gnawing on that.

Megan Mace: Like going hard

Liz Mace: For like 40 minutes. Oh my god, that was so good.

Tommy2: So fresh seafood is where it’s at. Not quite like the stuff you got in the midwest.

Liz Mace: Never got a crab pot in the midwest.

Megan Mace: Nope!

Tommy2: Well this winter you guys talked, you guys found a new thing that you guys were enjoying,
which was a certain type of spinning.

Megan & Liz: Yes

Tommy2: What was that all about?

Liz Mace: Oh don’t get us started on Soul Cycle.

Megan Mace: Yeah, it’s called Soul Cycle and it’s basically a spinning class but the whole thing is to music and you spin with the beat and then…

Liz Mace: So not only did that get us.

Megan Mace: Yeah, but it’s also very inspiration driven so like they tell you to think about your goals and think about your dreams. So you’re not only working out but it’s to music and your very like inspirational motivation.

Liz Mace: Yes.

Tommy2: And before we go here, I wanted to ask you two – since you’re big Aly & AJ fans how excited you are about 78 Violet releasing their single, Hothouse in July?

Megan Mace: I am so excited. I’m like really interested to hear what it’s going to sound like cause last I heard they changed their name cause they were trying to stray away from the pop sound. So I’m really interested to see if it’s gonna be like hipster vibey, like rock… like I’m really interested to see.

Liz Mace: And then like they’re going to have a show in LA but we’re not going to be there.

Megan Mace: And we’re so bummed.

Liz Mace: But yeah.

Megan Mace: I’m really excited though, love them.

Tommy2: Life is tough being a pop star right? You can’t go to all the shows whenever you want.

Liz Mace: It’s sad.

Megan Mace: Yeah!

Tommy2: Well thanks so much for your time. It was awesome, fun set, and finally got to see you guys rock it out today.

Megan & Liz: Thank you!