Interview: Joey King

Tommy2: Hey, it’s Tommy2 and joining us today we’ve got Joey King. So how are you doing?

Joey King: I’m good how are you?

Tommy2: Great, now last summer we talked about your role as Ramona Quimby in the film Ramona and Beezus and apparently you’ve been busy non-stop since then. Why don’t you give us a rundown of what you’ve been up to?

Joey King: Well, in the beginning of this year I worked on “Family Weekend” with Kristin Chenoweth and Matthew Modine, and then I worked on “Batman The Dark Knight Rises” and then I also, I’m working on “Oz The Great and Powerful” and I’m also working on the TV show “Bent”. Actually we just wrapped yesterday on “Bent”.

Tommy2: Now that sounds impressive – you just wrapped on The Batman film. How was that experience?

Joey King: Oh yeah, we wrapped on the “Batman” film not to long ago, and then… well, I wrapped anyway. It was so cool working on “Batman.” I got to travel to different places and it was just so cool, I got to go to India and I got to go to London. It was so amazing working with Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale.

Tommy2: Once again you’re adding to that amazing list of actors and actress you’ve worked with.

Joey King: Mhmm. It’s amazing! Like Christian Bale and his family are so nice, James Franco is so nice, Mila Kunis is so sweet and Zach Braff is awesome, and Sam Raimi and Christopher Nolan, they’re awesome.

Tommy2: Is there anything else you can tell us about “The Dark Knight Rises?”

Joey King: Well I can’t really tell you anything. I promised Mr. Nolan I wouldn’t give anything away.

Tommy2: Okay, so that mean you’re statement is – “You gotta see it this summer I promise you’ll be blown away”.

Joey King: Yes! Go and see it, it’s awesome!

Tommy2: Now lets go back to Family Weekend that you mentioned earlier, why don’t you tell us about that film?

Joey King: Well, in “Family Weekend” we filmed in Michigan in January and February. So it’s been really fun, Family Weekend was amazing and I got to play a crazy cool character, she’s just, she’s kind of like a really weird kid and she like dresses up as different people. She’s like a little actress. She dresses up as Jody Foster in “Taxi Driver” and one of the thugs in “Reservoir Dogs” and… just a bunch of different people and I got to do those roles and it was so cool.

Tommy2: And in the film, isn’t your sister played Olesya Rulin from “High School Musical?”

Joey King: Yes, she’s really sweet – I had a great time with her and I actually just recently saw her and… it sounded like her, it looked like her, but I walked by her cause she was on the phone and she was like “Okay Joey, like I didn’t play your sister or anything?” So, I was like “Olesya!”

Tommy2: You’ve mentioned you’ve been working in Michigan a lot and I’m sure that has a lot to do with Michigan’s recent Film Tax Credit program which sent a lot business that way. What’s it like been working out there?

Joey King: I love Michigan! It’s so beautiful there and it’s like, people would thing that… like people try to make it sound like Detroit – Detroit is so bad. Well, you don’t have to go over there, it’s just… some of the, like the areas in Michigan are beautiful, Bloomfield Hills and like everything and I’m filming in Pontiac and it’s just so awesome there and I’m just having an amazing time. So, I love filming in Michigan and it’s so much fun.

Tommy2: Now this past summer, did you get a chance to see your on screen big sister – Selena Gomez in concert?

Joey King: Oh no I have not. I was going to go see her in Michigan. I was going to drive up to Toronta and see her, but I got really busy. I was filming the day I was supposed to go.

Tommy2: How did I forget, it’s all work and play right?

Joey King: I do… you know I do have a lot of work, but I do make time to hang out with my friends, and I’m having a good time. I’d rather be working that just sitting at home doing nothing.

Tommy2: Now one thing you mentioned the last time we spoke is that you were hoping to get a Pot Belly Pig, did that ever happen?

Joey King: Yes! It happened, I was on the Jay Leno show and he gave me her. Her name is Jay Jay and she’s a year and a half and she’s so cute!

Tommy2: Out of all things that someone could brag about getting from Jay Leno – you get a Pot Belly Pig. That’s hilarious.

Joey King: Yes! It was amazing, he… cause that was the year that I was doing all my press tours and all my phone interviews and all this and that. And when I went on his show, he surprised me with a Pot Belly Pig. Everybody else knew, my whole family… even my cousin Cindy who spills the beans all the time. Every single person knew, but me! And I… it was so exciting to receive her. She’s so cute and sweet and she gives kisses like a dog, so I love her so much!

Tommy2: So you’ve got trained well?

Joey King: Well, I’m still working on that. I’m trying to teach her how to sit but it’s not really working.

Tommy2: Lets move on to families and all that good stuff. Do you have any plans for the Holidays?

Joey King: My holiday plans… well I’m going to be flying. I’m going to go to Disneyland with my cousins and so that’s going to be really, really fun. And I’m part Jewish and part Christian, but I’m mostly Jewish so I’m planning on celebrating the holidays with my family, my grandma, my Dad and everyone. So I’m so excited for the holidays, it’s… I’m happy! I’m really struggling with gifts for my family. I got everybody something small, but now I gotta get everybody something a bit bigger.

Tommy2: So you’re going to have to sneak in some shopping here soon huh?

Joey King: Yeah, except I can’t drive, so… I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

Tommy2: That makes it hard for getting surprises doesn’t it.

Joey King: Yeah! The first person I went shopping with was my sister Haley and I couldn’t get her gifts and I had to like wait, and so I was just with my Mom last night and we were shopping a bit for my sister Hayley for her gifts cause we need to get her more things. And then, I was like “Oh my gosh Mom, I need to get her a Panda Express gift card” so I’m like okay, cause I didn’t have my money with me, so I’m like “Mom, I’ll pay you back – I promise” because I wanted the gift to be from me this year. Because I think it’s kind of weird if I take my Mom’s money and give her a gift with her own money, “I’m like here’s your gift that you paid for!”

Tommy2: Do you exchange presents at all with the cast that your part of, like with “Bent?”

Joey King: Yeah, when we all wrap we usually exchange presents. So I’m really, I’m really said that “Bent” is over now cause yesterday was the last day, but we’re going to have a wrap party tonight, and I’m excited to go – I miss everybody already. And on “Oz” I’m sad for it to be over soon, but it’s not over yet, so I don’t have to cry.

Tommy2: Well we’ll definitely be looking forward to all of those amazing projects you’ve mentioned. I’m definitely interested – especially “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Oz The Great and Powerful.”

Joey King: Well, I wrapped “Batman” already obviously and I’m going to wrap “Oz” soon, and also NBC’s “Bent”, the show that I’m working on… well, I just finished working on is coming on soon! It’s going to be on next year at the beginning of the year, so I’m really excited for that to come out – so tune in!

Tommy2: Okay, we’ll have to keep our eyes open for that one. Once again, Joey, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to check in with us and talk about all of the amazing things you’ve been up to. Take care now.

Joey King: Thank you, you too!