Interview: BG5

Tommy2: Hey, it’s Tommy2 and tonight we’ve got BG5 with us on the last night of their U.S. Tour in Orlando, FL. How’s everyone doing?

BG5: Good!

Mandy Jiroux: A little bit of sick this run, but I mean other than that it’s been really good.

Tommy2: And performing these late nights at 1am probably doesn’t help.

Mandy Jiroux: Doesn’t help at all. The flights and everything, but umm yeah….

Brooke Adams: We’ll sleep when we’re dead right?

Laura New: We’re troopers, we’re troopers that’s for sure.

Tommy2: Now with your tour now over, when you look back what’d you guys all learn from the experience?

Mandy Jiroux: Hard work pays off…

Noreeen Juliano: And we’re pretty durable…

Laura New: I don’t know, we’ve been really grateful thought, the single really had a great response at like every club we’ve been to, so I think we definitely gained a lot of fans. So that’s been a really good thing about it.

Dominique Domingo: Learn to go with the flow, things happen, mishaps happen, you know we won’t get booked in certain hotels or we have to drive here instead of there so, just to go with the flow and be appreciative of everything.

Brooke Adams: And we’ve learned about each other, I mean it’s just amazing how much we’ve grown in this past just in this, ya know past few months, just knowing each other, we’ve grown closer. It’s really been awesome.

Tommy2: You guys learned a lot about yourselves on the UK tour, in a foreign land right?

Laura New: We definitely did. That was the first time we were all like really lived together for five and a half weeks. And we saw one another every breathing moment, so…

Mandy Jiroux: And it’s pretty awesome that after five and a half weeks of living together in the UK, you would think that maybe five girls might end up like ripping each others hair out but it actually we like grew a lot stronger.

Tommy2: Now in addition to the tour, you just finalized your contract with Hollywood Records? What excites you the most about joining the label?

Brooke Adams: They know what they’re doing. I think that that’s awesome I completely trust them, we’ve noticed just in the past few weeks especially how things have changed completely like we were staying in these kind of hotels and then boom all of a sudden the hotels are getting nicer, you know it’s just we noticed a big change in how we’re treated.

Mandy Jiroux: And we’ve kind of like in our whole two and a half years of you know, we kind of knew the A&R guy, John Lind over there. We knew a couple more people over there at the label you know, we’ve been in their offices a couple times and done showcases for them so it’s like yay, finally we’re a part of their family, so.

Tommy2: Who are some of the acts your excited to join on the label. There’s quite a few?

Brooke Adams: Definitely Insane Clown Posse…

BG5: (Laughter)

Dominique Domingo: I think what’s really exciting about us, I mean just to be in that family is so awesome and then….

Mandy Jiroux: And they have the dopest artists ya know from Jonas Brothers to Miley Cyrus, to like you know. They’re huge artists so.

Noreen Juliano: And I think what’s going to be special about us is that we’re not gonna, we’re going to be an artist that Hollywood has that isn’t connected to the Disney Channel. So it’s going to be a new venture and it’s going to be really awesome.

Tommy2: Now I have to admit that, Dominique I think Jesse McCartney was quite excited to see you become a part of the label since when I had him hold the picture with our current splash page he asked for your name at least five times.

BG5: No way! (Laughter).

Brooke Adams: He came to our showcase last week.

Dominique Domingo: You can tell Jesse I’m single.

Tommy2: Just a few weeks ago you guys released your new single , Scratch digitally. How much longer until it impacts radio?

Noreen Juliano: I think…

Tommy2: Big rush

Dominque Domingo: I think now that we’re signed with Hollywood it’ll happen soon than later. I think so.

Laura New: Yeah, we’re really excited to go around and like meet all the radio stations as well and then do that radio push for it which I think will probably be 2011 seeing as the years drawing to an end quite soon, so yet.

Noreen Juliano: And it started on like satellite radio…

Brooke Adams: And then in the UK right now, our music video is being played quite often. So that’s gonna start you know generating some feedback and yeah.

Tommy2: Now going into this year, I was kind of under the impression it was kind of like a make or break year for the group and between your talents and some good fortune it turned out to be pretty amazing. What can we look forward to in 2011?

Dominique Domingo: Our album…

Noreen Juliano: Wait, you thought it was a make or break year?

Tommy2: It felt like it.

Dominique Domingo: It was a make or break year.

Brooke Adams: Something needed to happen.

Noreen Juliano: Something needed to happen, that’s true.

Tommy2: It seemed like you were changes some things because… actually you guys said we’re going into a new chapter, so.

Laura New: Yeah we definitely evolved this year very much so into what we really, I don’t know… who we are.

Dominique Domingo: 2010 we planted all the seeds and I think 2011 we’re going to blossom into this ginormous, just, I don’t know… gorgeous something that’s going to seep all over the world and everyone’s gonna know.

Tommy2: Despite everything going so good, it’s been road filled with ups and down for all of you. Could any of you briefly share a big obstacle you faced in your career and how you overcame it?

Laura New: Yeah, I live very far from home so it’s a huge obstacle for me. At first it wasn’t but now that we are beginning really a lot more busy all the time. Finding a way to go home and see my family is becoming less and less and less. So that’s a huge like obstacle for me coming from another country and like a really like flight away as well. So it’s not like I could go for a couple of days and come back, so that’s become a little bit of an obstacle for me in this career, but I love what I’m doing absolutely, know doubt about it. But, yeah… family is far away.

Brooke Adams: For me, I mean you kind of know probably. I mean I did the whole solo artist thing, and then things were going well, and you know they single did really well and then the album dropped and things just kind of fell apart at that point and completely broke my heart with music and it was a really hard thing for me to get back into this and invest myself, and invest all my hopes and dreams back into this you know. Cause there is always that chance and you might be heart broken again. So that was difficult to just be completely be free and trust something again.

Tommy2: Brooke do you feel it’s a little different now cause I think the timing is a lot different, the industry is a lot different and you’re

Brooke Adams: Definitely, definitely. I mean it’s better to be older I think you know like you have a little bit more experience, you can trust yourself a little more and I mean it doesn’t hurt that I’m with four girls that I consider my best friends and I’m able to have a great time on the road and not be lonely and have fun on the stage with my sisters.

Tommy2: Now earlier you guys mentioned about being with Hollywood Records, but not being associated with Disney, but you guys actually had a song on a Disney Channel show, Shake It Up.

Laura New: We did!

Noreen Juliano: Well, I mean it’s in the same family and so, when I said not associated with Disney I meant not necessarily like we have our own TV show called ya know BG5.

Tommy2: That’d be great.

Noreen Juliano: But yeah, being on Shake It Up was a huge like, it was so fun like we were on the road in Seattle and Dominique and Brooke and I were in the hotel room together and we just were flipping through channels and were like Shake It Up this is it! And then there was our song, and they’re dancing to it and I was filming the TV and I was filming Brooke filming the TV and it was just really awesome. Wow, there’s our song. It’s really getting out there.

Tommy2: Yeah and that was some pretty amazing exposure considering that was the first episode and they keep airing…It’s probably aired probably about fifty times now. I mean it’s on like two or thee times a day.

Dominique Domingo: Yeah, there’s a lot of comments… from the video that say like “I heard this on Shake It Up” but I’m surprised so many kids would go to YouTube to look at the music video that saw it on Shake It Up.

Laura New: I know they’re so internet savvy these days. Like, they’re so much more than I am, and they’re like ten.

Tommy2: And speaking of that, how are you guys, have you been enjoying using Twitter as a way to connect with your fans?

BG5: Definitely!

Mandy Jiroux: We love like connecting with our fans, like our fans mean everything to us. You know they’ve been with us since day one and it’s awesome to see our fan base just keep growing and we’re always on our Twitter, we’re always on our Facebook and it’s actually us responding to the fans instead of like…

Dominique Domingo: Our label or something…

Brooke Adams: A robot!

Mandy Jiroux: It’s actually us, we’re on there every day and we love talking with them.

Noreen Juliano: And on this tour we actually get to put faces to the profile names. You know, it’s like mobynash I’ve talked to you on Myspace for like two years, there you are! That’s really cool.

Tommy2: Alright, well thanks so much for time and your always being available to talk and I want to let you know that I’m expecting some very big things in the future cause you’ve definitely got it, and now now’s just time for it to all come together.

BG5: Thanks Tommy!

Brooke Adams: I couldn’t agree more!