Interview: A*Teens

Here are some of the highlights from the Interview.

Tommy2: Last summer you toured the states non stop to promote “Teen Spirit”. After that were you able to go home and take a break before you started to record the new album?

Dhani: We were actually, we were very lucky. We went home and had a month of nothing, then we did some promotion and then we got into the studio in December.

Tommy2: As part of the summer tour you were out on the road with Aaron Carter, and then did some days on the Teen Nick tour. And you also did some days for Radio Disney Live, are there any special memories of that summer 2001 that you can share with us?

Marie: I actually remember, I don’t know if it was the last state of the Radio Disney Tour, I’m not positive but Bon Jovi was there to watch the show. That was really really cool. We heard before the show that Bon Jovi was in the audience and we were like OH MY GOD. He was there with his kids to watch the show. It was weird, cool.

Amit: Then on the last day of the Aaron tour when me and Donni dressed as Cheerleaders.

Tommy2: Oh yeah! I think I snapped a shot of that.

Marie: That was funny

(everyone talks about the cheerleading)

Tommy2: Okay lets get back to the questions. Last Tuesday was the release date for Pop Till You Drop. Did that day feel like it was ever going to come?

Marie: That day, I was so nervous. We were sitting on the plane the whole day and we were like Oh the album is out today.

Dhani: We were waiting and waiting and waiting, and then it came.

(everyone- woah, woah, woah)

Sara: And now that we can say that the album is out now, is really cool because before it was like Oh its out June 18th and now its like its out now. And when you go out to several cds stores you see it out there.

Tommy2: Now the thing that I thought was kinda cool about it was that it came out on June 18th.

(YEAH see, I didn’t even think about that… Ateens..Eighteenth WOOO)

Tommy2: Now this time around the credits are a little bit different. You’ve been credited with the songs “Slam”, “Cross My Heart”, “In the Blink Of An Eye”, and “Singled Out” What was it like to record your own songs?

Marie: It was so cool. On the “Abba Generations” we didn’t write the songs at all. We just sang the songs and on “Teen Spirit” we moved on to do new material and now were moving on another step to do some of our own stuff. But I mean, the stuff is not only writing, but we also did co-writing. So it was a cool experience.

Amit: Soon we want to do the whole album by ourselves, like producing.

Sara: Yeah that’s a dream but we’ll see.

Marie: Its really hard but it was cool that the songs actually came on the cd.

Tommy2: Now your doing in stores promoting the album. How’s that been going?

Dhani: Really good.

Marie: Its been going good, a lot of people.

Dhani: Its been a lot of traveling, flying. We took a trip to New York, and flying know.

Amit: It was fun the first show we did because we were a little bit rusty, we had been in the studio for so long and we were like wow we have an audience.

Sara: Yeah its cool to see that every time we come here we have a bigger and bigger fan base.

Tommy2: Your not only taken off in the US but also world wide with your deal with Coke and its Sara and Marie who have come up recently on Cafe’s List in Sweden which is kinda like a big thing.

Sara: That’s cool, I don’t think its that big but its cool.

Tommy2: Okay well us from the US don’t know to much about that so. Actually while were talking about Sweden, I thought I’d bring something up here. I was with the girls from Play and they shared with me some of their favorite Swedish Candy. Are you into that Jungle ? Candy at all?

Marie: Love It!

Dhani: I have some with me in the van.

Sara: Actually I had loads of candy with me before the tour but now that were going home I actually send a bag of that candy to the rehearsal space. So it will be there when I get there. For the next part of the tour

Tommy2: So that’s your secret

(talking about the candy in the background)

Tommy: I’ve asked everyone whos been on tour with Play. When I brought it up with Aaron he just about Threw Up and Brooke Allison wasn’t to happy about it either.

Marie: We’ve had some cheographers in the beginning, like Wade Robson who were like Oh My God its so gross and were almost throwing up.

Amit: All our dancers would try it and like (gaging sound)

Marie: And we’d eat it so much! They hate it but we love it!

Tommy2: You guys excited for your tour next month?

Amit: Very nervous. Very Very Nervous. Its the first time we have productions so were actually going to go down tomorrow and see the set and pieces.

Tommy2: Oh really? So your going to go see what its all like? So your trusting its going to be all nuts?

Marie: Its like the same there. Each summer were taking one step up.

Tommy2: Yeah kind of like last year, you made your debut on a Disney movie which was The Princess Diaries. And now this summer you guys are doing Lilo and Stitch.

(all- that’s awesome, its cool)

Tommy2: What are your individual favorite Disney Movies?

Amit: Aladdin, I love Aladdin.
Marie: The Lion King.
Sara: Aladdin. We can go on and on, we know every single line and lyric. But in Swedish.

Tommy2: can you sing Aladdin for us in Swedish?

(they sing it)

Tommy2: Now you recently shot the video for “Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love” and it looked like a ton of fun. Was that a lot of fun? Or Did they just shove you in the studio for a couple days and just keep taping non-stop.

Marie: It was a lot of fun and the puppies were so cute. When they told us Your going to have like ten puppies, twelve, twelve puppies.. it was like the highlight of the day.

Sara: When they told us the day before, we were like your joking! your lying but they weren’t.

Amit: It was kinda scary cuz there puppies so we’d be like Oh there pooping.

Marie: Oh and now there peeing!! Eww.
(all talk about puppies in the background)

Tommy2: Now one of the odd things I caught was that Marie has this flying elbow in the video. Did you guys fake that or was that a real pop to the face?

Marie: Oh my God, that was real

Dhani: That was NOT fake!

Marie: I can’t believe they kept that in the video because it was an accident. It was like this..they told us that they wanted us to jump. So I jumped. And I didn’t know that Donni was right behind me so I jumped and I hit my elbo. And I was like OHHH. I was so scared at first, I was so sorry! I can’t believe they took it in the video. I laughed so hard.

Tommy2: I know there are two versions, and its just on the Disney one. And Marie its probably a coincidence that you pushed Dhani over in the Suger Rush video too.

Marie: yeah its all a coincidence. (background talking and joking about the push)

Tommy: Last week you were out in L.A. shooting the video for Floor Filler, what can Ateens fans expect?

Marie: Well I think its going to be one of my favorite videos. Like its so cool.

Amit: It has break dancers in it.

Sara: It has dancing. If they cut it in.

Amit: I hope so because those breakdancers were so good. They did like headspins and all that.

Sara: It was a lot of fun shooting that video.

Dhani: It was a lot different from anything else we’ve done

Tommy2: So it was like night and day between Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love

Sara: Oh yes, definetly

Dhani: Very Clubby

Marie: This is night

Dhani: This is darker, a little scarier

Sara: And this is the only video where were performing and having dancers in the video. Its like a performance in the video.

Tommy2: Well thanks a lot for hanging out with me today and taking the time out to do the interview. I just wanted to say how much the fans appreciate you coming out to tour the US for us.