Interview: Alyson Stoner

Tommy2: Hey it’s Tommy2 and today we’ve got a special guest with us from Camp Rock, it’s none other than Alyson Stoner. Alyson what’s up?

Alyson Stoner: Hey there, how are ya?

Tommy2: Doing good.

Alyson Stoner: Good!

Tommy2: You’ve got a new song on DisneyMania 7What I’ve Been Looking For from High School Musical. So how did that come together and did you get to pick the song?

Tommy2: I’m guessing with your dance background you were a fan of High School Musical.

Alyson Stoner: Yes, well the way it came together was I presented Disney with a few of my favorite Disney songs and they had already been taken, which I’m okay with cause I love the new versions, but Disney presented me with What I’ve Been Looking For and what really drew me to it was the inspirational and meaningful lyrics of the song. So I really took it upon myself to bring it to life, and we stripped it down to more of a Colbie Caillat softer, sweeter version, and a little tidbit of information for you all, I actually recorded the song in the bathroom. So, if you can just imagine me with one foot up on the toilet belting out the tunes. So I hope it doesn’t sound like I was in the rest room, but I was. And it was a great experience. I worked with an amazing producer Bryan Todd and we just played around. We recorded it about a year ago in a few hours and it was get in, get out and get on with it and I’m hoping everyone enjoys it.

Tommy2: And I’m guessing with your dance background you actually were a fan of High School Musical.

Alyson Stoner: Yes, I love High School Musical. I actually worked with Corbin Blue on a Debbie Allen production called Brothers Of The Night. We worked 26 shows together, so I watched High School Musical for him, and then I ended up loving everything it represented. It was very uplifting a positive, and of course there was dancing, so to be able to do a song with that movie is an honor, I’m really grateful.

Tommy2: Yeah, and you actually had a chance to work with Lucas also on Alice Upside Down, was that a fun experience?

Alyson Stoner: Yes, exactly! Lucas Grabeel played my brother in Alice Upside Down and he’s such a jem on camera and off. He has a great perspective acting wise, dancing and musically. Everything! He’s very talented and I learned a lot from him about you know work ethnic and professionalism.

Tommy2: Now since we’re talking about Disney Channel Movies… is there anything you can tell us about Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam?

Alyson Stoner: Hahaha. Well Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam will be coming out sometime this summer, and in a nutshell it’s bigger and better. The music is rocking’ and rollin’ and we combine different genres. My character Katelyn transforms from music producer to dance choreographer, so that was fun and interesting and Demi and the Jonas Brothers are in it of course, so it’s bigger and better so I think you’ll enjoy it.

Tommy2: And what was that like getting back the cast back together for the new movie?

Alyson Stoner: To be able to get back together with the cast, not only did it feel like a reunion but it gave us the opportunity to grow in our friendships, because at first, you know when you first meet someone it’s a little uncomfortable. You try your best to look like you’re family on camera but, not until you’ve been together for awhile do you develop that familiarity. So I think it really shows the chemistry that we truly have on screen for this project and we had a blast. I mean we just played music 24/7 for how many weeks straight. We loved it.

Tommy2: And of course one of the unique things is that when you guys shot the first one, you were one of the highest profiled stars in there. Nobody had heard much of the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato.

Alyson Stoner: Well I don’t know about being higher profile, but thank you and yes… look at how it just exploded for them. But we saw it coming with talent like Demi and you know talent like Jonas you can’t really go wrong. So I’m so happy for them and while they’re touring the world, I’m back at home you know learning how to play a piano and trying to my best to stay busy and it’s really cool to watch them and everything they’re doing. I admire them a lot.

Tommy2: Now, you didn’t have any solo work on that album, but last year had amazing success with your cover of Dancin’ In The Moonlight for Spacebuddies. Was that a surprise that it got so much airplay on Radio Disney.

Alyson Stoner: Oh boy, yes! When I was asked to record Dancing In The Moonlight for the Space Buddies soundtrack I was ecstatic because I got to work with Brian Malouf who’s an amazing producer as well as with some other great folks. Dancing In The Moonlight is such a great song, the original version really captivated me since the beginning whenever I first heard it, so to be able to re-record it with a new funky version, it was a great opportunity, and one of my first tries at recording so, I’m thankful that I had the practice now for my own record that’s being recorded.

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