Interview: Tish Ciravolo – Daisy Rock Guitars

Tommy2: Hey it’s Tommy2 and checking in with us today we have Tish Ciravolo, the President and Founder of Daisy Rock Guitars. Tish how’s it going.

Tish Ciravolo: Oh it’s really great. You know I’m in Los Angeles and it’s actually a bright and sunny warm day today which is odd.

Tommy2: Yeah well I’m looking forward to the spring since I’m in Minnesota, and of course looking forward to some great music coming up this year.

Tish Ciravolo: Oh yeah, of course it’s really fun.

Tommy2: Now 2010 is big year for you, since Daisy Rock is celebrating it’s 10th Birthday and it seems like your company is going to have another great year.

Tish Ciravolo: Yeah, we’re having our tenth year anniversary which is really awesome. I can’t believe I’ve been in business for ten years and I can’t imagine the amount of girl guitar players that we’ve inspired now to play guitars. So the next ten years should just be really rockin’.

Tommy2: Usually at Tommy2.Net we’re talking with artists, but I thought it would be great to talk with you today because of the great work you do for emerging artist. It seems like a lot of the time when I’m finding new artists and great unsigned acts they’re playing your guitars.

Tish Ciravolo: Oh that’s really nice to hear, you know we really try to be progressive with trying to get the guitars into the hands of the girls that are out their starting to try to start a career. I mean we obviously deal with the Bangles and Wanda Jackson so we have a lot of what would you call ‘Street Cred’ in our business but really, really cool are the girls out there starting the bands and just trying to get out there and start a career and that’s the girls we’re really ay know going after and saying you need to know Daisy Rock Girl Guitars and what are mission is and stuff.

Tommy2: And of course, you know with your bio I read that you’ve been playing music forever. Do you think that has a lot to do with your mission, the fact that you’ve put in all this time playing and trying to make it that you can relate those artists?

Tish Ciravolo: Yeah, you know how can you run a guitar company and not play in a band? I don’t know how that works. When I hear people that do it I think how can you relate? How can people relate to you if you’re not on stage playing too. There’s like sort of a community feeling that you understand when you’re part of that community. So, yeah, it’s really important to me that I play and my daughters play and that we totally understand what everybody is going through and they’re trying to go out there and make it as a musician.

Tommy2: And I think one of the important words you said there was Community, because out of all the guitar companies if I had to say one that had community it would have to be Daisy Rock, and the artists that you have. It’s pretty amazing what you’ve put together.

Tish Ciravolo: Oh thank you! It’s… you know I don’t know how else to do it. People are always saying what’s going on is really cool and I just don’t know how to do it differently, you know what I’m trying to say? That’s what I do, and that’s what’s really important to me and that’s what I missed when I was a musician in the 80’s in LA. I just didn’t feel like there was any place for me to go where I belonged and I felt like that could definitely something that I could change for my daughters when they got old enough to play guitars so they could actually have a place where they felt like “I can hang and I can be at this school, or I can be in this club, or I can be in this community, or in this music store.” And there’s people there that are relating to them and doing exactly what they’re doing.