Interview: Bridgit Mendler

Tommy2: Hey it’s Tommy2 and today we’re going to be talking with Bridgit Mendler from Disney Channels JONAS, Wizards of Waverly Place and Good Luck Charlie. Bridgit how you doin?

Bridgit Mendler: I’m good, how are you?

Tommy2: Great, I’m enjoying the warmer weather – just got back from a five mile run.

Bridgit Mendler: Ohh, nice!

Tommy2: One of my favorite release every year or so, is the DisneyMania compilation and you’ve got a song on the 7th release. When She Loved Me from Toy Story. How did that all come about?

Bridgit Mendler: Umm, well they just called me one day and they said that I could put a song in the DisneyMania CD if i wanted and I jumped at the opportunity. I thought it would be so could to be able to do a song on their CD?

Tommy2: Were you familiar with those CD’s in the past?

Bridgit Mendler: Oh yes, I definitely heard those before, so it was really cool to be part of one.

Tommy2: Now did you get to pick the song?

Bridgit Mendler: Um, they suggested the song to me actually and I had heard it before but it didn’t immediately register with me what song it was and so I listened to it again and immediately I knew that that was the song I wanted to do. I think it’s so beautiful.

Tommy2: Yeah and I was gonna say in the film that song and the visuals are definitely a very powerful moment. Was that hard to sing with all the emotions.

Bridgit Mendler: You know they turned the lights down low in the recording studio and let me do my kind of thing. And I think I was in a good space while I was doing it so I definitely got into the emotions of the song.

Tommy2: And you’re definitely happy with the results?

Bridgit Mendler: I am happy with it. I thought it was a fun song to do and I hope that other people like it too.

Tommy2: Now a lot of the time, people generally roll their eyes and say oh, another actress is trying to be a singer. You actually play guitar and write songs as well right?

Bridgit Mendler: I do. I do that for my own fun and so I don’t think I’m doing it because I’m a part of Disney. Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to show people my actual songs, maybe put together an album but, you know it’s something I do for myself and fun so it’s fine if it’s just something that I do.

Tommy2: So this opportunity was just a great opportunity for you to explore what you’d like to do.

Bridgit Mendler: Right, right.

Tommy2: And I hear in your new series Good Luck Charlie, you actually sing the theme song.

Bridgit Mendler: Yeah, I just heard that a couple of weeks ago. That was really cool to hear.

Tommy2: Now why don’t you tell us the concept of the show and some of the actors that are gonna be on the show.

Bridgit Mendler: Well um, the concept is… its basically family sitcom. Um, there is a family of five that has another child and the parents are going back to work and so the kids need to help out with the new baby in the house. And so Jason Dolley is in it, also Leigh Allyn Baker, Eric Allan Kramer and Bradley Steven Perry. So, they’ve been a really fun cast.

Tommy2: Now that show will be making it’s debut in less than a month. Are you anxious for the premiere?

Bridgit Mendler: I’m so anxious. It seems so weird to me that it’s actually going to be coming out on TV you know cause we’ve been working on the show for months and months and we’ve been having so much fun and to think that people are going to see it is so bizarre.

Tommy2: About how long have you been working on the show?

Bridgit Mendler: We’ve been working on it since they end of August.

Tommy2: Previously you had a run on Wizards of Waverly Place as Juliet Van Heusen. I really enjoyed those episodes with you and David Henrie. What did you enjoy most about working on that show?

Bridgit Mendler: Well I think that the writers on that show are really funny, so that’s good for one and then for two, the cast… the cast and the crew were incredibly welcoming to me, and I felt like I was part of the family when I was on the show.

Tommy2: And of course, you were featured in the premiere of JONAS as Penny, the love interest of Nick Jonas. Have you had a chance to check out his new album?

Bridgit Mendler: Yes I have. I love it, it’s so different from the other stuff they’ve done. It’s so cool.

Tommy2: And what was that like working with the cast of JONAS cause actually that was another thing where it was actually, you guys shot that long before it aired correct?

Bridgit Mendler: Yeah, we shot it in the very end of October beginning of November in 2008 and so that was a while ago. And it was really fun working with them, I think it was the first day on set that they brought me into the studio and I started recording the song. So I was a little intimidated but it was really fun.

Tommy2: Was that a little nerve wracking for you haven to sing with guys that sing and having to sing?

Bridgit Mendler: Yeah, and I mean I had heard the song before. The sent it to me in advance, but to just go right into the studio and have the Jonas Brothers there listening in is pretty intimidating.

Tommy2: I’ll bet! For fans wanting to stay up-to-date with you, do you have a twitter account they can follow or somewhere else they should be checking out?

Bridgit Mendler: I do have a Twitter. It’s kind of a complicated name so listen closely. It’s and don’t ask why I added all those numbers, ugh it was a bad idea.

Tommy2: But it’s you for real. That’s all that matters right?

Bridgit Mendler: It’s me for real yep!

Tommy2: We’ll definitely have to follow that and Bridgit thanks a lot for checking in with us today to telling about your song on Disneymania 7 and all of the other great projects you’ve been working on.

Bridgit Mendler: Thank you so much for having me!