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December 2nd
Amber Montana - The Haunted Hathaways
Britney Spears
Charlie Puth
Nelly Furtado

December 3rd
Andy Grammer
Jake T. Austin

December 6th
Stefanie Scott

December 7th
Aaron Carter
Sara Bareilles

December 8th
Anna Sophia Robb
Ian Somerhalder - The Vampire Diaries
Ingrid Michaelson

December 11th
Hailee Steinfeld
Tiffany Alvord

December 13th
Taylor Swift

December 14th
Joshua Rush
Tori Kelly
Vanessa Hudgens

December 13th
Jake Hardy - Tonight Alive

December 17th
Kiersey Clemons

December 18th
Ashley Benson
Bridgit Mendler
Christina Aguilera

December 20th

December 22nd
G. Hannelius - Dog With A Blog
Jordin Sparks
Meghan Trainor

December 25th
Jess Origliasso - The Veronicas
Lisa Origliasso - The Veronicas

December 26th
Chris Daughtry
Jade Thirlwall - Little Mix

December 27th
Hayley Williams - Paramore

December 28th
Emery Kelly - Forever In Your Mind
Nash Grier

December 29th
Ross Lynch

December 30th
Ellie Goulding

December 29th
Gabby Douglas
Joe McIntyre - New Kids On The Block

Mysti speaks with John Gammon from The Middle, Shake It Up premiere has been set, Debby Ryan’s new music video, Selena Gomez at 10, Target to offer Eclipse exclusive, Plain White T’s pushed back, Sheryl Crow to release Target exclusive, Katy Perry Soundcheck

October 8th, 2010

Today we’ve got a new interview with John Gammon from the ABC comedy, The Middle. Click here to listen in as T2’s Mysti chats with John about the show, cast, his degree and loads more! Don’t forget to watch for John tonight on ABC in The Middle at 7:30pm CST.

The date has been set! The new Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up, starring Bella Thorne will premiere on November 7th at 7:30pm CST.

There’s a new :90 second music video of Deck the Halls online by Debby Ryan. The single will be released in a little over a month to promote the upcoming home release of The Search For Santa Paws on November 23rd (which will include the video). If you look closely… you’ll catch a glimpse of singer/actress Madisen Hill as well. To check out the video, click here.

9. Maroon 5 – Hands All Over
10. Selena Gomez – A Year Without Rain
15. Justin Bieber – My World 2.0
45. Sara Bareilles – Kaleidoscope Heart
56. Camp Rock 2: Soundtrack
58. Glee: The Music, Vol. 3 – Soundtrack
63. Carrie Underwood – Play On
64. The Black Eyed Peas – The E.N.D.
72. Justin Bieber – My World (EP)
77. Glee: The Music, Vol. 1 – Soundtrack
80. Taylor Swift – Fearless
91. Paramore – Brand New Eyes
100. Glee: The Music, Vol. 2 – Soundtrack
105. Glee: The Music, Journey To The Regionals – Soundtrack
116. Britney Spears – The Singles Collection
123. Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift
177. OneRepublic – Waking Up
185. Selena Gomez – Kiss And Tell
200. Twilight Saga: Eclipse – Soundtrack

Moving into her second week Selena Gomez remains in the Top 10 with A Year Without Rain with around 100,000 in sales. While last week I got some flack for pointing out she is a strong challenger for Disney’s current queen, my opinion has become even more apparent. This week Can’t Be Tamed fell off the charts and Kiss And Tell is at 185 after 53 weeks. Also on the charts you can see the massive help Britney Spears received from her appearance on Glee. Her Singles Collection reappeared in the Top 200 at 116.

The first retail exclusive for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has been formally announced. Target will offer exclusive bonus video content as well as different package art for the first two movies, but this time they won’t be offering any exclusive bonus features. However, they will have exclusive packaging that is similar to the first two releases from Borders and like Borders’ Twilight release, Eclipse will also have bonus photo cards of various movie scenes.

Universal has taken Plain White T’s new album, which was originally scheduled for October 19th, and moved it over a month away to December 7th.

In addition to Lady Antebellum, Target will also be releasing a Christmas album for Sheryl Crow exclusively at Target and Target.com starting October 12th called Home For Christmas which will include the original song There Is A Star That Shines Tonight.

1. Go Tell It On The Mountain
2. The Christmas Song
3. White Christmas
4. I’ll Be Home For Christmas
5. Merry Christmas Baby
6. The Bells Of St. Mary’s
7. Blue Christmas
8. O Holy Night
9. There Is A Star That Shines Tonight
10. Hello My Friend, Hello
11. All Through The Night
12. Long Road Home

On Sunday, Katy Perry will be taping a performance for Walmart’s Soundcheck at the Music Box in Los Angeles, CA. To find out how you can get on the guest list and for more information, click here.


Live With Regis and Kelly (Syndicated)
Emma Roberts will be a guest on Live with Regis and Kelly.

6pm CST David Archuleta Virtual Concert (Planet Cazmo)
Beginning at 6pm CST you can watch the David Archuleta Virtual Concert at Planet Cazmo. Concerts run every hour, on the hour until 11pm CST.

7pm CST The Suite Life On Deck: The Ghost and Mr. Martin (Disney Channel)
History comes back to haunt Zack when the S.S. Tipton docks at the site of an old shipwreck.

7:30pm CST Victorious: Cat’s New Boyfriend (Nickelodeon)
Cat dates Trina’s ex-boyfriend; Robbie and Trina indulge in the latest foot smoothing treatments.

10:35pm CST The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (NBC)
OneRepublic will be performing their new single, Secrets.

In Concert Tomorrow:

Play Nightclub
Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom

Britt Nicole and Hawk Nelson
Pizza Hut Park
Frisco, TX

Burnham and Josh Golden
Aviator Sports & Events Center
Brooklyn, NY

Carrie Underwood and Sons of Sylvia
American Airlines Center
Dallas, TX

Comic Book Heroes
Auto Club Speedway
Fontana, CA

Emily Osment and Mitchel Musso
Topsfield Fair Arena
Topsfield, MA

Jason Derulo
The Rave
Milwaukee, WI

Maroon 5, OneRepublic and Ry Cuming
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Superchick, Manafest, Me In Motion and Bread of Stone
Willmar Civic Center
Willmar, MN

John Gammon

October 8th, 2010

Mysti: I’m Mysti for Tommy2.Net on with the phone I have John Gammon. How are you?

John Gammon: I’m great, how are you?

Mysti: I’m doing well, thanks for you time this afternoon.

John Gammon: Oh, the pleasures all mine.

Mysti: So you just joined the cast of The Middle

John Gammon: Ahhh… yes!!!

Mysti: How do you like it?

John Gammon: I like it very very much. It’s a great set to be on. Very professional, it’s just a dream

Mysti: So tell me a little bit about you character Darren.

John Gammon: Well Darren is basically the dimwitted football friend of Axel Peck. He’s got a heart of gold but he really doesn’t know a whole lot about what’s going on. But the funny thing about him is that he’ll say somethings here and there but are just kind of like obviously logical and will get everyone on track but you don’t see it coming. So, it’s a good part of the comedy formula of The Middle.

Mysti: You’re working, which you mentioned before, just some really cool people – some very seasoned actors and actresses. I’m going to be a new viewer this season, I haven’t yet seen it yet and I know you guys are on Season 2, but I’ve heard some good things about it so we’re definitely going to have to add it in the DVR. I wanted to ask you about Chris Kattan?

John Gammon: Yeah, what about?

Mysti: Dude, I have been a huge fan of his ever since Night At The Roxbury. That is all I can think of when I hear Chris Kattan. So I wanted to know if he walked around set bobbing his head.

John Gammon: I didn’t but I wanted to big time, but out of respect for a legend like that I could not. He’s a good guy… we’ve talked a little bit. He’s very very funny. A well seasoned guy that’s for sure and yeah, he’s somebody I try to stay out of the way of him, ya know cause he’s so big.

Mysti: If you ever talk to him, tell him I like him and I’m so sorry. If I ever meet him I will probably do the head bob.

John Gammon: That sounds good to me man.

Mysti: You have an actually, you have a really interesting background. When did you get into entertainment before I go into this…. how old were you?

John Gammon: I guess… well it all depends what kind of entertainment you’re talking about. I was performing in front of live audiences in my living room ever since I was about two. But I really think what you’re asking me is when I really decided to buckle down and get doing this thing. I think I was about 20 years old when I decided I wanted to be an actor, like really completely go for it. But you know always had a certain love for theater and movies and shows and everything like that and it just kind of came naturally to me with cracking jokes and doing impressions of people.

Mysti: Well this is what surprised me about you, is that you have a BA degree in Spanish and History?

John Gammon: Yes….

Mysti: How did that happen? That’s a strange combination, and a challenging combination at that.

John Gammon: Yeah, you know I took a couple of classes, sort of electives my Senior year in college but basically college to me was something that, it was just an educational process for me and I basically wanted to be come a well rounded person before I go off and do whatever I was supposed to do. It wasn’t like a job training session for me at all. You know.

Mysti: It’s such a different degree plan.

John Gammon: It is… it is…

Mysti: And it sounds like it was a lot of work! I majored in and this is the honest to goodness, what they call my degree program at my school – Radio and Television. And I have a minor in Production, so that’s pretty basic. You don’t really do a lot in the Radio and Television department at school. You talk on the radio a little bit, make a couple of funny videos and you got to a lot of parties. So you have a BA in Spanish and History and a minor degree in Latin American Studies.

John Gammon: Yes…

Mysti: That is crazy!

John Gammon: Well I was brought up in a house with academics and basically both of my parents are Spanish teachers. One teaches at the local College and the other at the High School and basically they just brought me up with a certain respect for different peoples cultures and engrained in me the desire to learn.

Mysti: Say something in Spanish for me.

John Gammon: (John speaks in Spanish)

Mysti: Do I dare ask what you said?

John Gammon: If you want to learn anymore I can talk to you off the phone.. haha!

Mysti: Ugh oh… oh my word, well I am so excited to see you on The Middle, see your big premiere and anxious to see the rest of the season. I’ve heard some amazing things about the show, so congratulations for getting a role on #1 a really successful show. That’s always a good move as opposed to joining something that fails. Let me ask you real quick before you go. Where would you like to go from here, like do you have, what kind of acting aspirations do you have?

John Gammon: The show is really good right now. I was looking to go into some more dramatic stuff. Something single camera, sort of CSI like. Would love to become part of a show next season, a series regular or something like that. Something sustainable. But I’m loving it right now as is. The Middle is a dream gig.

Mysti: Well I’m glad that you’re enjoying it! One standard Tommy2.Net question and then I will let you go, I know you’re busy. What’s in your iPod right now?

John Gammon: Oh gosh, my iPod right now is… lets see it’s Van Halen. I’ve gone back to basics. I’ve gone back to the 80’s hairband basics and nobody says hairband of the 80’s like Van Halen.

Mysti: You do have that right! Alright well I thank you for your time, I will cross my fingers for you that character becomes permanent.

John Gammon: I appreciate that Mysti!

Mysti: Thank you so much and take care!

John Gammon: Thank you… you take care too.

Michael Martinez/Wazowski, Taylor Swift Target Exclusive, Allstar Weekend Media Kits, Selena Gomez show at the Roxy, Justin Bieber rules Radio Disney, Comic Book Heroes to perform after Danica Patrick this Saturday, New Drew Seeley artwork, Linda Henrie Showbiz Parents seminars, OneRepublic Maroon 5 tweet to win, Jennifer Stone and Madison Pettis on The Today Show, Emma Roberts on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

October 7th, 2010

Quote of the Day:

Omg, I’m famous. Pullin’ a Mike Wazowski.

Michael Martinez – Allstar Weekend

Taylor Swift‘s newest album is set to be released later this month and Target will offer an exclusive edition with all 14 standard tracks plus 6 exclusive bonus tracks along the music video of Mine and behind the scenes of the video as enhanced content and alternate artwork.

15. Ours
16. If This Was A Movie
17. Superman
18. Back To December [Acoustic]
19. Haunted [Acoustic]
20. Mine [Acoustic]

Want to show your love for Allstar Weekend? You can with the Official Allstar Weekend Media Kit! Help support their upcoming release of Suddenly Yours with artwork you can use online to promote the guys. Visit AllstarWeekendRocks.com to get the goods today!

Yesterday Selena Gomez announced that she will be putting on a private concert at The Roxy on October 26th. The goal of the event is to raise funds for UNICEF’s 2010 Trick Treat Campaign. This year will be the third year in a row Selena has been the national spokesperson for the charity. Tickets go on sale Monday, for more information visit trickortreatforunicef.org/selena.

Justin Bieber continues to be hotter than any Disney property on Radio Disney. Currently U Smile is first in programming, followed closely by A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez. Also worth noting is The Ready Set taking the 9th spot with Love Like Woe. (source: MediaBase)

This year, the Comic Book Heroes have enjoyed plenty of exposure on ESPN’s broadcasts of the NASCAR Nationwide Series. On Saturday, the guys are headed to the Auto Club Speedway in Sonoma, CA to perform live in concert on the FanZone stage after a Danica Patrick Q&A session. I’m guessing they’ll be time for photo-ops? Click here to pick up their new Drive On EP at iTunes!

A hint of whats to come? Could this be the artwork for Drew Seeley‘s long awaited debut release?

Linda Henrie, mother of David Henrie will be hosting Showbiz Parents Seminars this fall. Click here for more details (locations listed below)

October 23-24 / Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX
November 6-7 / Washington, DC
November 13-14 / Atlanta, GA

OneRepublic is currently hosting a tweet to win contest with Maroon 5 where fans can win a VIP trip to hang backstage at their show on October 22nd in Houston, TX. Visit OneRepublic.net for more info.


7am CST The Today Show (NBC)
Guest this morning will include Jennifer Stone and Madison Pettis.

11:37pm CST Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)
Featuring guest appearances by Emma Roberts and Jane Lynch.

In Concert Tomorrow:

Play Nightclub
Hereford, UK

Jason Derulo
MPC Ohio Performance Space
Indiana, PA

Maroon 5, OneRepublic and Ry Cuming
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Vector Arena
New Zealand

Superchick, Manafest, Me In Motion and Bread of Stone
G2:20 Liberty Christian Center
Omaha, NE

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