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June 1st
Jenna McDougall - Tonight Alive
Willow Shields - The Hunger Games

June 4th
Mackenzie Ziegler

June 5th
Pete Wentz - Fall Out Boy

June 7th
Iggy Azalea
LA Reid
Saara Chaudry - Max & Shred

June 8th
Esther Zynn - The Other Kingdom
Francesca Capaldi - Dog with a Blog
Millie Thrasher
Wahkaio Taahi- Tonight Alive

June 11th
Brianna Yde - School Of Rock

June 14th
Blake English - After Romeo
Jessy Nelson- Little Mix
Lucy Hale

June 15th
Dani Cimorelli - Cimorelli

June 9th
Drew Ryan Scott - After Romeo
Jake Goodman - Max & Shred

June 19th
Ava Cantrell - The Haunted Hathaways

June 21st
Max Schneider
Natalie Alyn Lind - The Goldbergs

June 22nd
Dina Jane Nelson - Fifth Harmony

June 24th
Coy Stewart - Bella and the Bulldogs

June 26th
Ariana Grande
Jennette McCurdy
Ryan Tedder - OneRepublic

June 27th
Chandler Riggs - The Walking Dead
Drake Bell


Mia Wasikowska

June 1st, 2010

Tommy2: How did you go about getting the accent for Alice?

Mia Wasikowska: I had a lesson with a dialect coach and from then on it felt natural. When I take on a character with an accent then I can’t imagine them without that accent. Even when I was reading it in my head it was in an English accent. After a while it became natural. I didn’t listen to tapes. There is a lot of British film in Australia so we grew up listening to that and it wasn’t so hard to do the accent.

Tommy2: You seemed very determined to get this role?

Mia Wasikowska: I sent an audition tape in February 2008 and ended up in June or July coming over to Britain and doing four more auditions with Tim before I got the role.

Tommy2: What was it that Tim Burton saw in you?

Mia Wasikowska: I’m not sure. I feel really lucky to be chosen by him. I really love his films. Edward Scissorhands is a really special film for me. Tim has this compassion for characters who are outsiders and he presents them in a way that is not stereotypical.

Tommy2: How did you research for Alice In Wonderland?

Mia Wasikowska: My research was reading the books and reading about the books and looking at Lewis Carroll’s photography and collecting images from any of the illustrators. So Alice in the books was the backbone of the character but we really wanted to explore Alice as an older person.

Tommy2: What did you think of the costumes for Alice?

Mia Wasikowska: Even though Alice is from another time she is very much like a modern character. If you were to put her in our society she would thrive. I feel she is a modern girl stuck in another time. I love the costumes. Every one of them was so detailed and beautiful.

Tommy2: You started in ballet, how did you move to film?

Mia Wasikowska: I did dance very intensely for a number of years. From the age of eight to 14. Towards the end I was doing 35 hours a week. So I was always intensely into something. Before I decided to pursue acting, dance had become about trying to achieve physical perfection, which was so unattainable. Then I was smaller and less comfortable with myself and less happy with my body because I was always being confronted with my imperfections. At that time I was watching films that inspired me because they were about people’s imperfections. So I became interested in that and that was more true to me.

Tommy2: What was the green screen experience like in making Alice In Wonderland?

Mia Wasikowska: It was very strange. You have to bring a lot more energy and focus to working. You don’t realize how lucky you are to have an environment where you can get some feeling or have an actor from whom to bounce off. When you are acting opposite a tennis ball you have no idea what the Cheshire Cat will actually be doing. It’s about trusting Tim.

Tommy2: So was it with a sense of wonder that you finally saw the film?

Mia Wasikowska: Definitely! It is being revealed to me in the same way that it has been revealed to everybody else. I had seen concept art but not the final thing and to see it together was wonderful.

Alice In Wonderland

June 1st, 2010

Release Date: June 1, 2010
Length: 108 minutes
Rating: PG
T2 Rating: 4 out of 4 stars

In 1989 Tim Burton Directed the film Batman which did well at the box office, but nothing compared to the 2005 release of Batman Begins by Christopher Nolan. A lot can be said about the latter on how to treat a story that everyone already knows. With that, you could say that the 2010 release of Alice In Wonderland incorporates the right formula in remaking a classic, which is to explain who the characters are and what motivates them.

The latest twist begins with as quick look at young Alice and all the issues she is dealing with at age 19. Her transformation from a teen to a young woman comes with more questions than answers, however one trip down a rabbit hole provides Alice the opportunity to discover who she really is and what she is capable of. But first it’s time for her to get reacquainted with the White Rabbit, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, the Chesire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and of course the Queen of Hearts. Mix in to this fantasy world the characters of Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp that are at the top of their game in addition to memorable performances by Anne Hathaway and Mia Wasikowska.

Visually, this picture on a 50+ 1080p is stunning. The color and textures created by Burton work well in this fantasy realm, many of which literally pop off the screen.

The Blu-ray comes with a quite a few HD extras, best of all many of them are contained in a ‘Play All’ scenario so you don’t get stuck heading back to the menu after a 3 minute segment. Regardless of your take on the film, these are worth checking out. The scope of putting together this film is mind boggling, and just when you think you have somewhat of a handle on it you learn more.

Finding Alice The Mad Hatter – More in-depth on who Alice is and what drives her.

The Futterwacken Dance – With all the visual tricks used in Alice, you can’t help but wonder if there is much reality to this dance featured in the film. You’ll be amazed to see the majority of it is real and where the found the dancer that contributed his talents to the scene.

The Red Queen – A look at The Red Queen by the actors in the movie.

Time-Lapse: Sculpting the Red Queen – Watch Helena Bonham Carter take part in here 3+ hour transformation into the Red Queen.

The White Queen – A look at The Red Queen by the actors in the movie.

Scoring Wonderland – Get into the head of Danny Elfman and his quest to build the perfect score for Alice.

Effecting Wonderland – A fascinating look at all of the green screen work that went into creating Alice.

Stunts Of Wonderland – Mia Wasikowska talks about the amount of stunt work required for Alice.

Making the Proper Size – Keep track of proportion is an epic task and here you’ll learn how Alice was shot in order to preserve sight lines despite her ever changing size.

Cakes of Wonderland – Yes, real cakes! An interesting look at the detail that went into making these and perfect recipe to prevent them from melting under the lights.

Tea Party Props – Did you know that the Mad Hatters walk on the table was shot multiple times, and for each take the props had to be carefully put back in their exact place for their one second. In this short you also get a longer look at the unique props gathered to make the perfect party for the Hatter.

For those of you that never got what Alice was all about, you will with the latest chapter. Despite there being hints of darkness, its safe for virtually the whole family and a very inspirational story to young girls. Highly recommended. You can’t miss with the Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy that provides this great film in every possible media flavor.


Happy Memorial Day, Happy Birthday to Amber of Everlife

May 31st, 2010

There is no news today in recognition of Memorial Day. The staff at T2 hope you are able to take the time to spend your day with family and friends. Don’t forget to take time as well to pay respect to those who have fought and who have paid the highest price for our Country.

Also, celebrating her birthday today is Amber Hezlep of Everlife!

In Concert Tomorrow:

Carrie Underwood and Sons of Sylvia
Arco Arena
Sacremento, CA

Palace of the Republic of Belarus Minsk

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